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  • País / Organización: Namibia
  • Mining and quarrying


CIS 94-417 Regulations made under the provisions of the Mines, Works and Minerals Ordinance, 1968 [Namibia]
Regulasies ingevolge die bepalings van die Ordonnansie op myne, bedrywe en minerale, 1968 [en afrikaans]
Regulations originally issued by the government of the Territory of South West Africa (former name of Namibia). In addition to dealing with issues such as claims and hours of work, they are concerned with all aspects of mining safety (pp.1523-1613), under the headings: mines and works; machinery; accidents; blasting certificates.
Official Gazette of South West Africa - Officiële Koerant van Suidwes-Afrika, 1 Oct. 1968, No.2927, p.1514-1624 (Index: 6 Dec. 1968, No.2948, p.1914-1932).