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CIS 89-375 Health and Safety - The Loading and Unloading of Fishing Vessels Regulation 1988 [United Kingdom]
These regulations impose health and safety requirements with respect to fish loading and unloading processes, moving or handling of wet fish at or near a quay or on a fishing vessel when moored at the quay, and incidental activities. They require provision and maintenance of a safe place of work and means of access; fencing at specified places; suitable and adequate lighting; provision of rescue, life-saving and fire fighting equipment and means; safe planning and execution of fish loading.
HMSO Publications Centre, P.O. Box 276, London, SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1988. 4p. Price: GBP 0.85.


CIS 89-16 Safety at Sea Act 1986 [United Kingdom]
Act promoting the safety of fishing and other vessels at sea and the persons in them. Provision is made for the compulsory carrying of radio beacons, life rafts and lifejackets on all boats >12m long. The Secretary of State is authorised to issue regulations for ensuring that the skipper of and every seaman employed on a fishing vessel is trained in safety matters.
HMSO Sales, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1986. 7p.