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CIS 75-2008 Dahir to promulgate Act No.1-72-219 to determine the conditions of employment and remuneration of agricultural workers
Dahir portant loi n°1-72-219 déterminant les conditions d'emploi et de rémunération des salariés agricoles. [en francés]
This Royal Decree dated 24 Apr. 1973, applies to workers employed in agricultural and forestry undertakings and ancillary activities in this sector. Title 3 concerns occupational safety and health (workplace hygiene; safe working conditions; farm machinery, transmission belts; heating and lighting). Provision is made for subsidiary legislation concerning harmful products used in agriculture.
Bulletin Officiel du Royaume du Maroc, 25 Apr. 1973, Vol.62, No.3156, p.669-672. (English and Spanish translations published in Legislative Series, 1973-Mor.1, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland).