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CIS 88-15 Order 4/1986 (III.9) MÉM of the Minister of Agriculture and Food concerning occupational safety and health [Hungary]
A mezőgazdasági és élelmezésügyi miniszter 4/1986 (III.9) MÉM számú rendelete a munkavédelemről [en húngaro]
Ministerial order on the responsibilities of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, of the management of agricultural and related enterprises and of occupational safety and health organs within such enterprises, concerning the organisation of OSH prevention and training activities. In the appendix: a special form for the presentation of annual reports on OSH activities in an enterprise providing, for each type of risk, the number of exposed workers and the amount spent on prevention.
Magyar Közlöny, 1986, No.7, p.222-230.