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CIS 92-1420 Grand-Ducal Regulation of 19 Jan. 1987 concerning the control of plant protection products; Ministerial Regulation of 26 Jan. 1987 concerning the requirements of packaging and labels of plant protection products [Luxembourg]
Règlement grand-ducal du 19 janv. 1987 concernant le contrôle des produits phytopharmaceutiques; Règlement ministériel du 26 janv. 1987 concernant les caractéristiques auxquelles doivent répondre les emballages et les étiquettes des produits phytopharmaceutiques [Luxembourg] [en francés]
These Regulations were adopted in conformity with Directives 67/548/EEC (CIS 92-23) and 78/631/EEC (CIS 91-715) as amended subsequently. The Grand-Ducal Regulation: conditions for the sale of plant protection products (pesticides, rodenticides, etc.); classification by risk of such products; authorised sellers; authorised users; preservation and safety measures; monitoring; annexes (criteria for classification as very toxic, toxic and harmful; list of ca. 200 plant protection products, with corresponding oral and dermal LD50 values; list of R (Risk) and S (Safety) phrases; list of toxic gases. The Ministerial Regulation provides detailed specifications for the packaging and labelling of plant protection products. In annex: examples of 7 warning signs used on labels.
Mémorial - Journal officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, 9 Feb. 1987, A - No.4, p.26-52. Illus.