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  • Safety supervision


CIS 73-653
Ministry of Labour
Dangerous machines (training and supervision of persons) Regulations, 1971 [Ireland]
These regulations prescribe the types of dangerous machines at which persons may not work unless the conditions regarding the training and supervision of operators specified in section 32(1) of the Factories Act, 1985 ar5re complied with.
Government Publications Sales Office, GPO Arcade, Dublin 1, Ireland, 1 Mar. 1972. 3p.

CIS 73-994
Ministry of Labour
Factories (carcinogenic substances) (processes) Regulations, 1972
These regulations prohibit: (a) the employment of persons in the manufacture of "prohibited substances" β-naphthylamine, benzidine, 4-aminodiphenyl, 4-nitrodiphenyl and their salts and any substances containing any of the foregoing; and (b) the employment of persons in any process in the course of which prohibited substances are used. They also prescribe that prohibited substances shall not be brought into or used in a factory to which the Republic of Ireland Factories Act 1955 applies. Measures to be adopted to protect workers from hazards arising from other such substances, which are listed as "controlled substances", are prescribed as well as a form for registration and medical examination of persons employed in connection with these substances.
Government Publications Sales Office, G.P.O. Arcade, Dublin 1, Ireland, 1972. 10p.