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  • Safety supervision


CIS 72-974 Basic safety testing procedures for electrical equipment [Czechoslovakia]
Základní zkoušky bezpečnosti elektrických předmětů [en checo]
This standard lays down general requirements for the testing of electrical equipment and criteria for evaluating test results to ensure the safety of operators and protection of the general public. The following standards have also been drawn up in conjunction with the principal standard: 34 5611 - electrical testing (48p. Illus.); 34 5612 - testing of enclosures (27p. Illus.); 34 5613 - mechanical testing (26p. Illus.); 34 5614 - testing electrical equipment in humid atmospheres (9p. Illus.); 34 5615 - testing electrical equipment for heat resistance (11p. Illus.); 34 5616 - testing materials for electrical equipment (9p.). All these standards cover both test procedures and technical specifications for test equipment.
Bureau of standards (Úřad pro normalizaci), Prúřad, 8 Apr. 1970. Entry into force 1 July 1971. 9p. (Obtainable through your own national standards organisation).