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  • Safety supervision


CIS 86-1490 Aprueba reglamento de seguridad minera
This Decree lays down (in 523 sections) detailed safety rules for all mining operations in Chile. It begins by defining the obligations of employers and workers (ss. 15 to 25) and setting out general safety rules (ss. 30 to 40). More particularly it provides for every undertaking to draw up its own work rules in accordance with the Decree, and entrusts enforcement and supervision to the National Geology and Mining Service. Other parts of the Decree deal with various technical matters, such as explosives, electricity, work above ground, open-cast and underground mining, the operation of coal mines and the extraction of petroleum. The Decree replaces Decree No.32 of 1969 on the same subject. Duplicate of CIS 88-1420.
Diario Oficial de la República de Chile, No.32.382, Year CVIII, 27 Jan. 1986, p.536-553.