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CIS 91-1413 Environment and health - The European Charter [WHO] and commentary: First European Conference on Environment and Health, Frankfurt, 7-8 Dec. 1989
Environnement et santé - La Charte européenne [OMS] et son commentaire: première conférence européenne sur l'environnement et la santé, Francfort, 7-8 déc. 1989 [en francés]
A Charter was adopted in 1989 concerning the environment and health in Europe. This publication contains the text of the Charter and some commentary associated with it. The Charter consists of: preamble (basic principles); rights and responsibilities of individuals, public and private organisations and the media; principles of public policy; strategic elements; priorities (including, among others: hygienic waste disposal; environmental health impact of energy production, road transport and agriculture practices; air quality; persistent chemicals; hazardous wastes; biotechnology; contingency planning for accidents and disasters; cleaner technologies); future actions. The commentary includes a point-by-point survey of the background of the Charter.
WHO Regional Office for Europe, Scherfigsvej 8, 2100 København Ø, Denmark, 1990. x, 154p. Price: CHF 26.00.