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  • País / Organización: Argentina
  • Ionizing radiation


CIS 92-732 Normas relativas a la instalación y funcionamiento de equipos generadores de rayos X
Compendium of Argentinian laws relating to the safety of X-ray equipment. Law No.17.557/67 (Law on X-rays) lays down the principles of the safe operation of X-ray equipment, and specifies the scope of regulations to be issued on the subject. Decree No.6.320/68 specifies the kinds of X-ray equipment used for medical, industrial and research purposes, the qualifications required of personnel operating them, and the authorisations necessary for their installation or modification. It also deals with safety requirements and personal dosimetry. Decree No.1.648/70 modifies the previous decree concerning the length of experience necessary for accreditation of establishments employing X-ray equipment. Resolution no.2.680/68 (Basic standards of radiographic safety) provides basic safety standards for the operation of X-ray equipment, including maximum exposure limits (5rem/yr for uniform exposure of the whole body, 75rem/yr for exposure of the extremities and 15rem/yr for localised exposure of other organs), supervision and dosimetry.
Ministerio de Bienestar Social, Secretaría de Estado de Salud Pública, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1979. 31p.


CIS 92-733 Normas básicas de seguridad radiológica y nuclear
These standards apply to: the production, manipulation, storage and transport of fissionable materials and of natural and artificial radioactive sources; the use of equipment generating ionising radiation; the elimination of radioactive waste. Basic contents: fundamental operating principles; supervision of radiological and nuclear safety (control of installations and operations, dose evaluation, controlled areas, medical supervision, personal dose registers, radiological protection in the neighbourhood of certain installations); inspection and emergency services. In annex: maximum exposure limits (occupational and those affecting the public); exposure in abnormal situations; detailed tables and graphs on partial exposures, on exposures to particular radioactive substances and mixtures and on exposure calculation methods.
Comisión Nacional de Energia Atómica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1966. 79p.