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CIS 73-814 Rubber insulating mats for work on electrical plant [Czechoslovakia]
Gumové izolačné koberce pre elektrotechniku [en checo]
The insulating mats covered by this standard are intended to supplement basic safety measures against hazardous contact voltages in normally dead parts of electrical plant under 1000V, and to provide better insulation, in the case of work on or around normally dead parts of electrical plant over 1000V, where contact voltages exceeding the safety limit may build up. The standard prescribes technical specifications, lays down guidelines for testing, and calls for 6-monthly inspections. Certain provisions concern the cleaning and disinfection of mats and precautions to be taken against their deterioration through harmful agents.
Úřad pro normalizaci (Standards Bureau), Praha, Czechoslovakia, 1971. 6p.