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  • Major hazards


CIS 91-1425 Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards Rules, 1990 [India]
Contents of these rules, supplementing rules already notified under the Factories Act: definitions; general responsibilities of occupiers; notification of major accidents; industrial activities covered; collection, development and dissemination of information; notification of industrial activities; safety reports; preparation of on-site and off-site emergency plans; information to be given to persons liable to be affected by a major accident; improvement notices by labour inspectors. In the schedules: indicative criteria; alphabetical list of 432 hazardous chemicals; maximum quantities of 11 substances and classes of substances that can be stored in an isolated installation; maximum quantities of 179 substances and groups of substances (with CAS numbers noted) that can be stored in the proximity of other installations; list of industrial activities involving dangerous chemicals; format of a material safety data sheet; format of notification forms for major accidents and for industrial activities.
Ministry of Labour, New Delhi, India, 1990. 40p.


CIS 90-715
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989 (with Corrigendium, 1990) [India]
These Rules were introduced under the authority of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. They concern: general responsibilities of occupiers during an industrial activity; notification of major accidents; notification of industrial sites; preparation of safety reports; preparation of on-site emergency plans; information of persons liable to be affected by major accidents; collection, development, dissemination and disclosure of information; preparation and provision of safety data sheets; labelling of hazardous chemicals; import of hazardous chemicals into India. In the annexes: definitions of toxic, flammable and explosive substances; list of 434 hazardous and/or toxic chemicals (or chemical groups); threshold quantities used in the establishment of minimum distances between storage installations of certain hazardous chemicals; list of chemical processes subject to certain provisions of the Act; role of various Indian public authorities in the enforcement of the Act; information to be furnished in major accident notification, site notification, safety reports, safety data sheets and records of imported hazardous chemicals.
Gazette of India, 27 Nov. 1989, No.787; and 5 Feb. 1990, No.59 (extraordinary issues). 49p. + 4p.