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  • Biological hazards


CIS 92-1404 Act of 20 May 1988 concerning the protection of workers against the risks of exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents during work [Luxembourg]
Loi du 20 mai 1988 concernant la protection des travailleurs contre les risques liés à une exposition à des agents chimiques, physiques et biologiques pendant le travail [Luxembourg] [en francés]
This Act foresees the issuing of Regulations for protective measures (limitation of exposure, technical preventive methods, establishment of exposure limits, appropriate working methods, collective and personal protection, hygiene, information of workers, warning signs, exposure registers, first-aid measures, absolute prohibition) against risks due to harmful agents in the workplace. Additional measures (medical supervision, access to the results of medical tests, other information measures) are foreseen in case of exposure to the following chemical substances: acrylonitrile, asbestos, benzene, certain chlorinated hydrocarbons, certain other substances and their compounds (arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, lead).
Mémorial - Journal officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, 27 May 1988, A - No.24, p.519-520.