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  • Notification of accidents and diseases


CIS 08-1252 Regulation 27/1996 (28 Aug.) of the Ministry of Welfare concerning the notification and investigation of occupational diseases and cases of increased exposure [Hungary]
27/1996. (VIII. 28.) NM rendelet a foglalkozási betegségek és fokozott expozíciós esetek bejelentéséről és kivizsgálásáról [en húngaro]
This Regulation applies to all employees in Hungary with the exception of those to whom other legal provisions apply (people carrying out emergency and disaster relief, and people involved in the armed forces, the police and prison services). Contents: definitions; notification of occupational diseases and cases of heightened exposure; investigation of the circumstances that gave rise to occupational diseases or heightened exposure. In annex: classified list of occupational diseases subject to notification (those due to chemical, physical, biological and other [overuse, psychosocial and ergonomic] factors); prescribed contents of notification forms.
Magyar Közlöny, 28 Aug. 1996, No.71, p.4524-4539. Archival copy is from an Internet site. [en húngaro]


CIS 89-702 Order No.3/1987 (11 Nov.) of the Deputy Prime Minister concerning the investigation, reporting and recording of occupational accidents [Hungary]
A Minisztertanács elnökhelyettesének 3/1987 (XI.4) ME számú rendelete a foglalkozási balesetek kivizsgálásáról, bejelentéséről és nyilvántartásáról [en húngaro]
The scope of this Order extends to all types of occupations with the exception of the armed services, the police and mining. In the appendix: detailed coding instructions for filling out accident report forms.
Munkaügyi Közlöny, 1987, No.18, p.457-470.


CIS 89-9 Ordinance 2/1980 by the President of the Central Statistical Office concerning the reporting and recording of statistical data on industrial accidents [Hungary]
A Központi Statisztikai Hivatal elnökének 2/1980 (VII.31.) KSH számú rendelkezése az üzemi balesetek statisztikai bejelentéséről és nyilvántartásáról [en húngaro]
Ordinance outlining the responsibilities of employers for reporting information on occupational accidents to the appropriate authorities, and for recording the information in a given format. In the appendix: detailed definition of occupational accidents; forms to be used for the reporting and recording of accident data.
Magyar Közlöny, 1980, No.55, p.797-805.