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CIS 75-503
Department of Employment, London.
The Protection of Eyes Regulations 1974.
These regulations, made under the Factories Act 1961, entered into force on 10 Apr. 1975. They make provision for the protection of the eyes of persons employed in factories and certain other premises and places to which the Factories Act 1961 applies, while any of the processes specified in Schedule 1 to the Regulations is being carried on. They require the provision of eye protectors or of shields (either worn by a person, held in the hand or independently mounted) for the protection of persons employed in such processes. Eye protectors and, with certain exceptions, shields are required to conform with specifications approved by the Chief Inspector of Factories. Independently mounted shields are required to be provided for other persons employed in positions where their eyes are at risk of injury from particles or fragments thrown off or radiation produced in certain specified processes. Schedule 1 lists a large number of processes, according to whether approved eye protectors or approved shields or fixed shields are required.
Statutory Instrument No.1681 of 1974. 9 Oct. 1974. H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom. 9p. Price: £0.14.