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  • Occupational exposure limits


CIS 93-1416
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Air cleanliness requirements of workplaces - Airborne dust [Hungary]
Munkahelyek levegőtisztasági követelményei - Szálló porok [en húngaro]
This standard specifies the maximum permissible limits of mineral dust and fibre concentrations in workplace air in Hungary. It also provides a legal definition of the particulates concerned. The basic limits are (in mg/m3): respirable dusts: 0.1 (for 100% silica), 6.0 (for silica-free dust); total dust: 8.0 (when more than 20% of respirable dust is silica), 10.0 (for silica-free dust). Intermediate concentration limits are set for dust with intermediate silica content. For fibres, limits are set in fibre/cm3 - asbestos: chrysotile (1), amphiboles (not authorised); other fibres (glass, mineral, ceramic, plastic) (1). For talc dust, the limits are: asbestos-containing (1 fibre/cm3), other respirable (2.0mg/m3), other total dust (10.0mg/m3). This standard does not apply to silica-free dust with fibrogenic, toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, irritative, corrosive or allergenic properties.
Szabványbolt, Pf. 162.1431, Budapest, Hungary, 1992. 5p. Illus. 11 ref.


CIS 91-19
Magyar Szabványügyi Hivatal
Requirements for air purity in the workplace - Chemical substances [Hungary]
Munkahelyek levegőtisztasági követelményei - Vegyi anyagok [en húngaro]
This standard (effective 1 July 1989) must be adhered to in all workplaces, unless specific exemption has been granted by the appropriate authority. Contents: definition of concepts; calculation of contamination levels; list of ca. 200 substances, together with corresponding toxicity and risk categories, exposure limits expressed in mg/m3 (either both 8h TWA and 30-min. STEL, or ceiling concentration alone are given) and general health effects; list of 10 asphyxians; classification table for toxicity levels (oral and dermal absorption, rats, solids and liquids, LD50; inhalation, rats, 4h exposure, LC50); classification table for health risks; list of carcinogens (IARC classes 1, 2A and 2B); hormones and antibiotics; general information on hygiene.
Szabványbolt, Pf. 162, 1431 Budapest, Hungary, 1988. 26p. 36 ref. Price: HUF 260.00.