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CIS 85-1781 Costa Rica - Act No.6727, to amend Part IV of the Labour Code. Dated 9 March 1982
Costa Rica - Loi n°6727 du 9 mars 1982 tendant à modifier le titre IV du Code du travail [en francés]
This law deals with the protection of workers during working hours. Definitions of occupational and commuting accidents, of occupational diseases and of hazards covered by the National Insurance Institute. Duties of employers and workers; compensation payments; table of compensable occupational diseases (diseases of the lung and the respiratory tract; skin diseases; poisoning); sick pay and disability pensions; role and tasks of inspectors from the National Insurance Institute and from the Council of Occupational Hygiene; infractions and penalties.
ILO Legislative Series, 1983, No.1, p.43-68.