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  • Labour inspection


CIS 85-1783 Turkey - Labour Act, as amended up to 29 July 1983. No.1475. Dated 25 August 1971
Turquie - Loi n°1475 du 25 août 1971 sur le travail, dans sa teneur modifiée au 29 juillet 1983 [en francés]
Chapter 4 of this law deals with the organisation of work (hours of work; night work; underground work; work by pregnant women). Chapter 5 deals with workers' health and safety. New measures include aspects of: OSH conditions (obligations of employers and workers); the composition of OSH committees; the prohibition of alcohol and narcotics; medical certificates in arduous and dangerous work and for workers less than 18 years old. Chapter 7 deals with the supervision and inspection of working conditions.
ILO Legislative Series, 1984, No.3, p.41-70.