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CIS 77-595 Labour Code (consolidated text of the Labour Code, incorporating the latest amendments and additions)
Zákoník práce (úplné znění zákoníku práce, jak vyplývá z pozdějších zákonných změn a doplňků) [en checo]
Consolidated text of the Czechoslovak Labour Code, dated 18 June 1975 (entry into force of latest amendments: 1 July 1975). Sections 132-138 lay down the basic principles of the law concerning occupational safety and health (OSH): concern for OSH should be an essential element in the planning and implementation of new production tasks, etc.; OSH requirements should form the basis for the preparation of Czechoslovak national standards; all primary and higher-level organisations and central authorities are required to ascertain the causes of employment accidents and occupational diseases; all organisations are required to provide personal protective equipment for workers free of charge; managerial responsibility for compliance with OSH requirements; material incentives to improve OSH arrangements; workers' participation in ensuring OSH (use of safety equipment and devices; worker participation in education and training schemes; notifying superiors or the authorities of any potentially hazardous defects or irregularities; etc.); public supervision by the revolutionary trade union movement; OSH in co-operatives; technical supervision by the State.
Sbírka zákonů, 18 June 1975, No.16, p.231-289. (English, French and Spanish translations published in Legislative Series, 1975-Cz.2, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland).