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CIS 90-712 Grand-Ducal Regulation of 15 July 1988 on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to asbestos at work [Luxembourg]
Règlement grand-ducal du 15 juil. 1988 concernant la protection des travailleurs contre les risques liés à une exposition à l'amiante pendant le travail [Luxembourg] [en francés]
Regulation issued in conformity with EC Council Directive 83/477/EEC (see CIS 84-327). Its provisions concern: definition of asbestos; evaluation of exposure; notification of the presence of asbestos; prohibition of spraying; reduction of exposure through technical measures; sampling and analysis; exposure limits (in air: 1f/cm3 for a reference period of 8h, except for crocidolite, for which the limit is 0.5f/cm3); action to take if exposure limits are exceeded; prohibition of smoking, eating and drinking in case of exposure; protective clothing; medical supervision; training and information. In annexes: reference method of measuring asbestos in air; practical recommendations for the clinical surveillance of exposed workers.
Mémorial - Journal officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, 1988, p.801-806.