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  • Halogenated hydrocarbons


CIS 94-427 Resolución 369/91 - apruébanse las normas para uso, manipuleo y disposición segura de difenilos policlorados y sus desechos
This Regulation establishes basic standards for work processes where polychlorinated biphenyls are present, and for the appropriate use of personal and collective protective equipment. Contents: definitions; handling; work processes; storage; transport; what to do in case of accidents; the work environment; labelling and warning signs; training of personnel; first aid provisions; persons susceptible to increased effects of exposure; incineration. In annex: basic personal protective equipment; required label (Toxic); trade names in common use.
Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina, 2 May 1991, Year 99, No.27,127, p.4-9. Illus.