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CIS 93-1418 Ordinance No.7/1992 (25 Feb.) of the Minister of Agriculture concerning the aerial spraying of agricultural chemicals [Hungary]
This text (effective 25 Feb. 1992) regulates the aerial spraying of agricultural chemicals (pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers). It prescribes the technical requirements of airplanes used for such purposes and the qualifications of operators. It prohibits the spraying of highly toxic and toxic substances when the wind speed exceeds 4m/sec (fixed-wing aircraft) or 2m/sec (helicopters); in the case of other substances the limit is 4m/sec. For liquid substances to be sprayed at quantities of 1-30L/ha the maximum wind speed is 2m/sec; such substances cannot be sprayed when there is a thermal updraft. There are further limitations based on environmental and seasonal considerations.
Magyar Közlöny, 25 Feb. 1992, No.19, p.672-673.