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CIS 99-728 Ordinance No.3 of 25 Feb. 1998 of the Ministry of Labour amending safety regulations on cranes and the industrial safety and health regulation [Japan]
Kurēn ra anzen kisoku oyobi rōdō anzen eisei kisoku no ichibu o kaisei suru shōrei [in Japanese]
This ordinance (entry into force 31 Mar.1998) amends Ordinance No.34 of 1972 concerning safety on cranes (English translation analysed under CIS 97-1088) and Ordinance No.32 of 1972 concerning safety and health at work (English translation of the law as amended to 1989 analysed under CIS 92-356). Topics: cranes; Japan; law; mobile cranes; responsibilities; safety engineering.
Kampō Gōgai, 25 Feb. 1998, Vol.1/2, No. 34, p.5-9.


CIS 97-1088 Japanese legislation for cranes and mobile cranes
Translation of the Safety Ordinance on Cranes, etc. (Ministry of Labour Ordinance No.34, 1972 with subsequent amendments), the Construction Codes for Cranes (Ministry of Labour Notification No.134 of 1996) and the Construction Codes for Mobile Cranes (Ministry of Labour Notification No.135 of 1996). The Ordinance applies to both manufacturers and users, and covers fixed and mobile cranes, derricks, elevators, lifts for construction work, light capacity lifts, sling operations, licensing and training. (Definitions of the types of equipment are found in the Industrial Safety and Health Law (Cabinet Order No.318 of 1972)). Certain types of equipment are excluded on the basis of capacity or coverage by other regulations. The Construction Codes cover structural parts, mechanical parts, attached devices (such as the operator's cab), manufacturing practices, wire ropes and nameplate information. Specific provision is made for special types of equipment.
Japan Crane Association, Gotanda Fuji building, 1-12 Higashi Gotanda, 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141, Japan, 1996. 158p. Illus.


CIS 95-405 Ordinance No.20 of the Ministry of Labour [Japan]
Rōdō-shōrei dai-nijū-gō [in Japanese]
This Ordinance, made under the Industrial Safety and Health Law of Japan (CIS 92-352), makes it compulsory to report incidents involving wire breakage and crane collapse to the authorities.
Kampō, 30 Mar. 1994, No.58, p.27-34.