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CIS 80-130
U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Occupational exposure to inorganic arsenic: Final standard.
This permanent standard dated 26 Apr. 1978 (effective: 1 Aug. 1978) establishes a permissible exposure limit of 10µg/m3 averaged over an 8h period, with an "action level" of 5µg/m3 averaged over 8h, for inorganic arsenic and its compounds (calcium arsenate, lead arsenate). It contains provisions concerning: notification of use; exposure monitoring; regulated areas, demarcation and access; provision of respirators and respirator selection; employers' compliance programme; protective work clothing and equipment, hygiene facilities and practices; medical surveillance, examinations, tests, reports and record-keeping; warning signs and labels; worker information and training. Appendices: information sheet; physical and chemical properties; monitoring and measurement procedures; medical surveillance guidelines. The text of the standard is preceded by background and explanatory material.
Federal Register, 5 May 1978, Part IV, Vol.43, No.88, p.19584-19630.