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CIS 88-1770
Department of Transportation - Research and Special Programs Administration
Transportation - Revised Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Parts 100 to 177 [USA]
This book contains a codification of the general and permanent rules concerning the transportation of hazardous substances, as of 1 Oct. 1986. Parts cover: 101 - Cargo Security Advisory Standards of the Office of Transportation Security; 106 - Rulemaking procedures concerning hazardous material transportation and pipeline safety; 107 - Hazardous materials programme procedures; 171 - General information, regulations and definitions concerning hazardous materials; 172 - Hazardous materials tables (hazard class, identification number, required labels, packaging requirements, maximum quantity per package, water shipment requirements noted for ca. 2500 substances; other tables on specific chemical wastes, chemicals listed by the EPA under the Clean Water Act, and an Optional Hazardous Materials Table for ca. 2200 substances); 173 - General requirements for shipments and packagings; 174-177 - Special requirements for carriage by rail, aircraft, vessel and public highway, respectively. Very thorough indexes.
Superintendent of Documents, US Government Printing Office, Washington DC 20402, USA, 1986. 876p. Illus. Not microfiched.