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CIS 01-1305
Department of Energy (DOE)
Nuclear Safety Management: Final Rule [USA]
This Final Rule (effective: 9 Feb. 2001) incorporates in the Nuclear Safety Regulations (10 CFR 830) the modifications made to it since the Interim Final Rule of 10 Oct. 2000. Contents: scope (conduct of DOE contractors and personnel, and of other persons whose activities may affect the safety of DOE nuclear facilities); exclusions; definitions; general requirements; enforcement; recordkeeping; graded approach; establishment of Quality Assurance Programs (QAPs), including the quality assessment criteria these programs must take into consideration; safety basis requirements. In annex: general statement of a Safety Basis Policy.
Federal Register, 10 Jan. 2001, Vol.66, No.7, p.1810-1827. [in English]


CIS 00-936
Department of Energy
Occupational radiation protection: Final Rule [USA]
The US Department of Energy (DOE) is amending its primary standards for occupational radiation protection. It is doing so because it is changing from a system of contractually-based nuclear safety standards to regulatory-based requirements. This Final Rule codifies requirements in the existing contractually-based standards, clarifies certain issues identified during the implementation of programmes to ensure compliance with the original rule and corrects minor errors.
Federal Register, 4 Nov. 1998, Vol.63, No.213, p.59662-59689.


CIS 90-383
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Final Rule - Licenses and radiation safety requirements for well logging [USA]
These amended regulations specify radiation safety and licencing requirements for the use of radioactive materials in well logging. In well logging, instruments are lowered into a drilled hole to obtain information on underground rock formations (type of rock, porosity, density, hydrocarbon content) in order to locate hydrocarbon and other mineral deposits. Extensive background information is given. The adoption of uniform radiation safety requirements is promoted.
Federal Register, 17 Mar. 1987, Vol.52, No.51, p.8225-8241.


CIS 80-89
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington D.C.
Licenses for radiography and radiography safety requirements for radiographic operations; Amendments of radiography regulations.
These regulations (effective: 3 Mar. 1980), which are incorporated into the Code of Federal Regulations as 10 CFR Part 34, amend the Radiography Regulations and substitute or add provisions concerning: licences to use sealed sources in radiography; inspection, maintenance and locking of radiographic exposure devices, storage containers and source changers; permanent radiographic installations; mandatory training for employees; personnel monitoring; radiation surveys; supervision of radiographers' assistants.
Federal Register, 30 Aug. 1979, Vol.44, No.170, p.50805-50809.