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CIS 02-533 Decree No.41- Regulation of radiation protection and safety [El Salvador]
Decreto No.41 - Reglamento especial de protección y seguridad radiológica [in Spanish]
The Regulation issued by this Decree covers the following types of exposure to ionizing radiation: occupational exposure, medical exposure, exposure of the general public, and potential exposures. Contents: setting up of a specialized government authority called Unidad Reguladora y Asesora de Radiaciones Ionizantes (UNRA); issuing of permits for activities involving ionizing radiation; basic requirements of radiation protection; requirements of radiation protection personnel; radiation protection in the workplace; exposure limits; radiation protection in a medical setting; protection of the public; problems of potential exposure; emergency procedures; penalties for non-compliance; concepts and definitions necessary for the implementation of the Regulation.
Diario Oficial de la República de El Salvador, 18 Mar. 2002, Vol.354, No.53, p.67-93. [in Spanish]