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CIS 92-371 Ordinance on Safety and Health of Work under High Pressure [Japan]
English translation of the Ordinance of 30 Sep. 1972 (for the original see CIS 75-826), as reissued under a new title on 19 Mar. 1977 and amended till 1986. Contents: general provisions; facilities for work in compressed air; equipment for diving operations; management of diving operations; medical examinations; recompressing locks; licensing and notification requirements. Detailed decompression tables in the appendix.
In: Industrial Safety and Health Law and related legislation of Japan, Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, 5-35-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108, Japan, 1991, p.638-687.


CIS 75-826
Industrial Safety and Health Division, Ministry of Labour, Tokyo.
Ordinance No.40 of 1972 concerning occupational hazards in pressurised atmospheres.
Ordinance under the Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Act 1972, to prescribe measures to safeguard against accidents of health injuries due to work in pressurised atmospheres. Provisions are laid down concerning: equipment of pressurised cabins; diving equipment; supervision of diving operations and work in caissons; training of supervisory personnel; medical examinations; prohibition of admission to employment of persons not fulfilling prescribed health standards; decompression chambers; licence required for this type of operation, etc.
Collection of regulations and ordinances concerning occupational health, Japanese Industrial Safety Association, 35-1, 5-Chome, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 1972. p.326-366.