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CIS 01-1275 Ministerial Resolution concerning penalties in case of non-compliance with provisions on the utilization of personal protective equipment [Nicaragua]
Resolución ministerial relativa a las sanciones a adoptar por incumplimiento a las disposiciones del uso de los equipos de protección personal [Nicaragua] [in Spanish]
This legal instrument defines the conditions for non-compliance by employers and workers with the legal requirements of the wearing of personal protective equipment.
La Gaceta - Diario Oficial (Nicaragua), 6 July 2000, Year CIV, No.128, p.3545-3546. [in Spanish]


CIS 98-368 Ministerial Standard concerning the minimum safety and health provisions in the use of personal protective equipment [Nicaragua]
Norma Ministerial sobre las disposiciones mínimas de higiene y seguridad de "los equipos de protección personal" [Nicaragua] [in Spanish]
Topics: face and eye protection; foot and leg protection; hand and arm protection; head protection; law; Nicaragua; personal protective equipment; protective clothing; responsibilities of employees; responsibilities of employers.
La Gaceta - Diario Oficial (Nicaragua), 30 Jan. 1997, No.21, p.419-427.