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CIS 95-1164 Regulatory Standard No.9 - Environmental hazards: Programme for the prevention of environmental hazards [Brazil]
Norma Regulamentadora n°9 - Programa de prevenção de riscos ambientais [in Portuguese]
This regulation approves a regulatory standard that requires all employers to prepare and implement a programme for the prevention of environmental hazards (PPRA), within the scope of the Programme of medical surveillance in occupational health (defined in CIS 95-1170). Environmental hazards may include chemical, physical and biological hazards. The PPRA should include: evaluation of the risks, implementation of control measures, establishment of action levels, monitoring, maintenance of records, responsibilities of employers and workers and information requirements. In annex: how to establish a hazard map for an enterprise.
Diário Oficial, 30 Dec. 1994, Year 132, No.248, p.21280-21282. [in Portuguese]