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CIS 03-1512
Department of Labor - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Longshoring, Marine Terminals, and Gear Certification - Final Rule [USA]
This is a corrected version of the 1997 Final Rule concerning safety and health regulations for longshoring (see CIS 98-388). The Rules address cargo handling and related activities conducted aboard vessels (the Longshoring Standard) and landside operations at maritime terminals (the Maritime Terminals Standard). Several cross-references to the rules applying to gear certification are also corrected.
Federal Register, 30 June 2000, Vol.65, No.127, p.40,936-40,951. [in English]

CIS 00-1215
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Consultation agreements - Changes to consultation procedures: Final Rule [USA]
This final rule amends the OSHA regulations for federally-funded onsite safety and health consultation visits in the United States. The changes introduce: greater employee involvement in site visits; the requirement that employees be informed of the results of such visits; the requirement that the information concerning workplace consultation visits be kept confidential; an updating of the procedures for such visits.
Federal Register, 26 Oct. 2000, Vol.65, No.208, p.64282-64295.


CIS 01-306 Council Decision of 22 June 1998 on the conclusion of an Agreement on Mutual Recognition between the European Community and the United States of America [European Communities]
Décision du Conseil du 22 juin 1998 relative à la conclusion d'un accord de reconnaissance mutuelle entre la Communauté européenne et les Etats-Unis d'Amérique [Communautés européennes] [in French]
This Decision (entry into force: 1 Dec. 1998) establishes the procedures for mutual recognition of compliance tests by the competent national and/or community authorities within the European Union and the United States for the following categories: telecommunications equipment; electromagnetic compatibility; electrical safety; recreational craft; pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices; medical devices.
Journal officiel des Communautés européennes - Official Journal of the European Communities, 4 Feb. 1999, Vol.42, No.L 31, p.1-81. [in English] [in French]


CIS 98-388
Department of Labor - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Longshoring and Marine Terminals: Final Rule [USA]
Topics: access to workplaces; approval; compliance tests; conveyors; dangerous work; dock work; face and eye protection; first-aid and rescue organization; guy ropes; head protection; industrial trucks; inspection; law; lifting equipment; lifting of loads; load carriage; loading and unloading equipment; personal protective equipment; safety and health organization; ships; transport containers; USA; ventilation; vocational training.
Federal Register, 25 July 1997, Vol.62, No.143, p.40142-40234.


CIS 80-1747
US Department of Transportation
Railroad locomotive safety standards and locomotive inspection.
Regulations imposing safety standards and locomotive inspection prcedures, effective 1 May 1980. Definitions are followed by sections devoted to: daily and periodic inspections; tests; safety requirements (general, coupling system, brakes, suspension, electrical system, internal combusion equipment, steam generators, cabs and cab equipment, design). Appended: locomotive inspection and repair forms, penalties, design requirements.
Federal Register, 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 229 and 230. Vol.45, No.63, 31 Mar. 1980, p.21091-21124. Illus.