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CIS 11-0316 Silva F.M.P.J.
OSH in thermal units: Good practices' manual
A SST em unidades termais: Manual de boas prácticas [in Portuguese]
Main topics covered by this manual of best practices in occupational safety and health in thermal centres: overview of the thermal sector in Portugal; promoting prevention in thermal centres; occupational risk assessment; ergonomic assessment of a job in balneotherapy; fire prevention and fighting; safety signalling; causes of accidents and accident costs.
Centro tecnológico das instalações e dos equipamentos da saúde (CETIES), Portugal, 2011. 338p. Illus. 22 ref. + CD-ROM.


CIS 11-0318 Liguori G., Parlato A., Gallè F., Avilia F., Mancusi C., Sorrentino E., Di Onofrio V., Palumbo M., Signoriello G., Visciano A., Orlando O., Capozza G.
Quality of swimming pool water and health of employees
La qualitá dell'acqua delle piscine ad uso natatorio e la salute degli operatori [in Italian]
A survey was conducted among workers of public swimming pools in Naples in order to acquire data on their knowledge and behaviour with respect to workplace safety as well as on their health conditions. Seventeen facilities (4 indoor and 13 outdoor) participated in the study. Of 253 questionnaires distributed, 153 were returned, (71.8% participation rate). Workers from the indoor facilities were more aware about safety than those from outdoor pools (albeit still at an unsatisfactory level) and suffered more often from respiratory problems - the most common ailment reported - which is likely due to the longer duration of their activity in these environments. Workers from outdoor facilities were more often affected by various types of infections, which is likely due to their poor personal hygiene and inappropriate behaviour, or to the inactivation of disinfectants by sunlight. These and other findings are discussed and proposals for improvements are proposed.
Prevenzione oggi, Jan.-June 2010, Vol.6, No.1/2, p.33-42. 32 ref.