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CIS 10-0086 Dunne R.
Unnatural causes
As a result of the prohibition of asbestos, the use of man-made mineral fibres has become widespread. While unlike asbestos, these substances are generally too thick to enter the lung, they also present health hazards. Refractory ceramic fibres, for example, are classified as potentially carcinogenic to humans. All MMMFs are irritants. There have been reports of MMMFs being responsible for the sick building syndrome. This article explores the types, common uses and lifecycle of man-made mineral fibres, and discusses how United Kingdom occupational safety and health (COSHH, see CIS 03-1023) regulations apply. It includes practical advice on limiting workers' exposures and implementing health surveillance programmes.
Safety and Health Practitioner, Jan. 2010, Vol.28, No.1, p.50-52. Illus. 9 ref.