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CIS 88-370 Revised text of 40 CFR Part 763: Asbestos Abatement Projects; Worker protection [USA]
This revision, effective 27 Mar. 1987, applies the asbestos workplace standards issued by the OSH Administration in June 1987 to state and local government employees who are covered by the Environmental Protection Agency asbestos abatement worker protection rule. Covered are: provisions on exposure limits, respiratory protection, methods of compliance, enforcement, asbestos sampling and analysis, medical surveillance, and medical questionnaire.
Federal Register, 25 Feb. 1987, No.36-37, p.5618-5650.


CIS 89-24
Department of Labor
OSHA Final Rules - Occupational exposure to asbestos, tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite [USA]
Full version of the amended standards already analysed as CIS 86-1795. 3 parts: 1 - Preamble: regulatory history; risks and health effects; economic and environmental impact; recommendations to OSHA by interested parties. 2 - Amended standards (Part 1910): definitions; permissible exposure limit (0.2 fibre/cm3 of air, 8h-TWA); exposure monitoring; regulated areas; compliance methods; respiratory protection; protective clothing and equipment; hygiene facilities and practices; communication of hazards to employees; housekeeping; medical surveillance; recordkeeping; observation of monitoring; appendices (the OSHA Reference Method and other techniques for analysing air samples for asbestos; mandatory medical questionnaires; recommended work practices for automative brake repair operations; recommended substance technical information for asbestos; medical surveillance guidelines). 3 - Amended standards (Part 1926): special provisions dealing with the construction industry (including demolition and repair) when asbestos is present.
Federal Register, 20 June 1986, Vol.51, No.119, p.22612-22790. Illus..

CIS 86-1795 OSHA Final Rules - Occupational exposure to asbestos, tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite
The revised OSHA standards establish a permissible exposure limit of 0.2 fibre/cm3 of air, determined as an 8h TWA airborne concentration. Separate standards and statements of reasons have been developed for the general industry (including maritime) and the construction industry. These standards also establish a 0.1 fibre/cm3 (TWA concentration) "action level" above which employers must initiate specific compliance activities. In addition the standards provide for requirements for methods of compliance, personal protective equipment, employee monitoring, medical surveillance, hazard communications, regulated areas, housekeeping procedures and record-keeping.
OSHA Office of Publications, U.S. Department of Labor, Room S-4203, 200 Constitution Ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20210, USA, 1986. 102p.