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CIS 99-721 Order No.607 of 5 Aug. 1998 approving a technical standard on occupational poisoning by benzene [Brazil]
Ordem de serviço n°607, de 5 de agosto de 1998 aprova norma técnica sobre intoxicação ocupacional pelo benzeno [in Portuguese]
Topics: benzene; Brazil; chronic poisoning; health hazards; medical examinations; medical supervision; medical treatment; occupational accidents; poisoning; standard; toxic effects; toxicology.
Diário Oficial, 19 Aug. 1998, No.158, p.38-44. 26 ref.


CIS 96-403 Regulation No.14 of 20 Dec. 1995 on carcinogens [Brazil]
Portaria n°14, de 20 de dezembro de 1995 - Substâncias cancerígenas [in Portuguese]
This Regulation became effective on the day of its publication in the Diário Oficial of 22 Dec. 1995 (p.21,865 I). It modifies the list of carcinogens contained in Annex 13 of Regulatory Standard No.15 of 8 June 1978 (mod. by Reg. SSST No.3 of 10 Mar. 1994), by prohibiting all exposure to or contact with the following carcinogens: 4-aminobiphenyl, 2-naphthylamine, 4-nitrobiphenyl and benzidine (production of which is also prohibited). New measures concerning benzene are added: all enterprises (except those producing distilled alcohol) that produce, transport, store, use or manipulate benzene or its liquid mixtures (with >1% benzene content) must register themselves with the national safety and health authority (SSST) and must prepare a Programme for the Prevention of Occupational Exposure to Benzene (PPEOB). A new Annex 13-A (Benzene) is added: measures for the protection of workers exposed to benzene; registration procedures for enterprises that produce etc. benzene; preparation and implementation of PPEOBs; exposure limits (1ppm for most enterprises, 2.5ppm for steelworks); what to do in case of accidental exposure.
Revista CIPA, Feb. 1996, Vol.17, No.195, p.106-109.

CIS 96-402 Directives No.1 and No.2 of 20 Dec. 1995 - Determination of benzene concentration in the working environment; Health surveillance of workers for the prevention of occupational exposure to benzene [Brazil]
Instruções Normativas n.°1 e n°2, de 20 de dezembro de 1995 - Avaliação das concentrações de benzeno em ambientes de trabalho; Vigilância da saúde dos trabalhadores na prevenção da exposição ocupacional ao benzeno [in Portuguese]
These Directives became effective on the day they were published in the Diário Oficial of 4 Jan. 1996 (p.127, 130). Their issue was necessitated by the adoption of various Brazilian legal instruments related to benzene and harmful substances, and in particular by the ratification by Brazil of ILO Convention 136 and the approval of ILO Recommendation 144 relating to benzene. Directive No.1 covers: definitions; sampling and measurement methods; reporting of results. In annex: recommended statistical methods. Directive No.2 covers: required constituents of a medical surveillance programme related to benzene exposure; required action in the case of accidental exposure; workers' rights relative to benzene exposure; medical overview of benzene toxicity.
Revista CIPA, Feb. 1996, Vol.17, No.195, p.98-106. 6 ref.