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CIS 74-112 Dryden S.L., Judd S.H.
Must your new plant be too noisy?
It is estimated that noise control measures adopted at the design stage are 2 or 3 times less expensive than measures taken in existing plants. Methods of achieving acceptable noise levels in a crude oil unit are reviewed, typical design features are tabulated and means of checking and enforcing contractors' compliance with equipment specifications are proposed. The second part of the article deals with the protection of the community against plant noise.
American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, June 1973, Vol.34, No.6, p.241-251. Illus.


CIS 75-1580 Judd S.H.
Noise abatement in existing refineries
L'atténuation du bruit dans les raffineries déjà construites. [en francés]
Translation of: Noise abatement in existing refineries. American Petroleum Institute, Washington, USA, 1970, Vol.50, p.125-146. Illus. 4 ref. Communication made to the 35th Annual Meeting of the Refinery Division of the American Petroleum Institute (13-15 May 1970, Houston, USA). The author describes the 4 successive stages of a noise abatement programme: establishment of noise limitation criteria; measurement of noise levels and comparison with the criteria; planning, construction and installation of noise abatement equipment; evaluation of results obtained and possible subsequent correction of procedures. Individual sources of noise (heaters, motors, coolers, compressors, machinery, etc.) and corresponding noise damping methods are tabulated. Another table indicates sources of noise and recommended abatement levels in a fluid-catalyser cracking plant. The results of measurements made before and after modification of the plant are given, illustrated by numerous diagrams.
Traduction INRS 112 B-72, Institut national de recherche et de sécurité, 30 rue Olivier-Noyer, 75680 Paris Cedex 14, France, 1972. 30p. Illus. 4 ref.

CIS 74-1150 Occupational hygiene and pathology in the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic
Gigiena truda i professional'naja patologija v Ėstonskoj SSR [en ruso]
Contributions of various authors to the following subjects: morbidity and absenteeism in the oil-shale industry; chronic bronchitis among miners and processing workers; respiratory function tests; hearing conservation; vibration disease; toxic effects of oil-shale tars; allergy and occupational dermatoses caused by shale oils; treatment of poisoning by chlorinated hydrocarbons; early diagnosis of benzene poisoning; toxicology of oil-shale washing agents; skin absorption of shale oils and phenols; toxicology of shale oils and their derivatives; assessment of the cocarcinogenic effects of soluble oil-shale phenols; production of carcinogens by pyrolysis of oil-shale products; oil-shale pneumoconiosis.
Izdatel'stvo "Valgus", Pjarnuskoe šosse 10, Tallin, USSR, 1972. 202p. Illus. 357 ref. Price Rbl.1.42.

CIS 73-53 Aspects of petroleum-installation safety regulations
Quelques aspects des règles de sécurité dans les installations pétrolières [en francés]
There are numerous fire and explosion hazards linked to the nature of the products processed in the petroleum industry. The author lists the legislative provisions and regulations covering the safety of the installations, drawn up by the public authorities in France: installation-authorisation procedure; administrative checks on safety; safety regulations applicable to hydrocarbon depots and refineries; approval of these regulations.
Annales des mines, July 1972, p.47-55. Illus.

CIS 73-605 Occupational accident statistics - French Gas Board, 1971
Statistiques des accidents du travail - Gaz de France, 1971 [en francés]
Accidents to French Gas Board employees are given in tabular, graph and diagrammatic form: general breakdown of occupational and commuting accidents during 1971; fatal and non-fatal accidents 1955-1971; severity rates 1955-1971; material causes of accidents 1971; commuting accidents 1971; breakdown of occupational accidents and commuting accidents in 1971 by type of work; breakdown material causes by type of work and workplace in 1971; breakdown of occupational and commuting accidents in 1971 by nature and state of lesions; trends from 1955 to 1971.
Gaz de France, Paris, France, 1972. 25p. Illus.

CIS 73-1022 Ėstrin R.Ja.
Safety in natural gas extraction
Tehnika bezopasnosti v gazovom hozjajstve [en ruso]
Individual sections are devoted to: safety features in natural gas extraction (toxicity of natural gaseous hydrocarbons and detection instruments); occupational safety and health in the following operations: natural-gas extraction and processing; repair of gas-well casing; pipeline construction (pipe transport, trenching, pipe welding, weld-quality control, application of insulating wrapping, repairs, etc.; operation of pumping and distribution stations; use of mercury pressure gauges and flowmeters; use of gas containing hydrogen sulphide; use of blow-off gas from oil-wells for heating; and automation and remote control. (New and revised edition of the publication abstracted on CIS 64-1036.)
Izdatel'stvo "Nedra", Tret'jakovskij proezd 1/19, Moskva K-12, USSR, 1972. 231p. Illus. 53 ref.


CIS 74-555 Standard for the production, storage and handling of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Individual sections are devoted to: general plant considerations; process systems; stationary LNG storage containers; vaporisation facilities; piping systems and components; instrumentation and electrical services; transfer of LNG and refrigerants; fire protection and safety (ignition source control, fire and leak control, waste gas disposal, personnel safety, unattended operation). Appendices supply formulae for the calculation of the minimum relieving capacity of relief valves for fire exposure.
NFPA No.59A-1971, National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02210, USA, 1971. Approved as American National Standard ANSI Z225.1-1971 on 11 Nov. 1971. 55 p. Illus. 10 ref. Price: US-$1.75.

CIS 73-484
French Oil and Natural Gas Prospecting and Production Federation
Safety recommendations - Marine operations [France]
Recommandations de sécurité - Travaux en mer [France] [en francés]
These recommendations cover: requirements relating to the setting-up of fixed or mobile petroleum installations (general requirements relating to positioning, maritime signals and aerial beaconage, communications, fire and explosion prevention, personal safety, and life saving and evacuation); safety during operations (general provisions, safety during the movement and man¿uvring of installations, safety during the transport and transfer of personnel and equipment, accident prevention during work, diving, fire fighting and life saving).
Editions Technip, 27 rue Ginoux, 75 Paris 15, France, 1971. 183p.


CIS 93-1756 Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1967 [Australia]
This Commonwealth (federal) law (No.118 of 1967, assented to on 22 Nov. 1967) concerns offshore oil exploration and extraction. It covers, among others, the safety and health aspects of this business (the only part microfiched by CIS), such as: general duties concerning OSH of employers, manufacturers, suppliers, employees, etc.; workplace arrangements (health and safety representatives and committees, emergency procedures); advice and investigations; miscellaneous (notification and records of accidents and dangerous occurrences, codes of practice, annual OSH reports, protection against dismissal of workers complaining of OSH problems).
In: Australian Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare, CCH Australia Ltd., CNR Talavera & Khartoum Roads, Box 230, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia, Vol.2, 26p. (pages numbered 52,801 - 52,904).

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