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CIS 99-1763 Enmiendas de 1988 a la Ley federal relativa a los insecticidas, los funguicidas y los rodenticidas [USA]
The Federal insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide Act amendments of 1988 [USA] [en inglés]
Temas tratados: autorización de productos nuevos; comprobación del suministro de productos peligrosos; eliminación de los residuos peligrosos; funguicidas; insecticidas; inspección; ley; pesticidas; productos químicos agrícolas; rodenticidas; almacenamiento; transporte; USA.
United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, vol.2, 100th Congress - Second Session, 1988, p.2654-2688.


CIS 80-129
U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Occupational exposure to 1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane (DBCP) - Occupational safety and health standards.
This permanent standard dated 10 Mar. 1978 (effective: 17 Apr. 1978) establishes a TLV of 1ppb as an 8h time-weighted average for DBCP. The employer must ensure that no worker is exposed to eye or skin contact with this substance. The standard contains other provisions concerning: worker information and training, supply of respirators and protective clothing and equipment, employers' compliance programme, selection of respirator type for different concentrations of DBCP, exposure monitoring, cleaning of surfaces, hygiene facilities and practices, medical surveillance (frequency and content of medical examinations, medical reports), emergency situations, warning signs and out-of-bounds areas, labelling. Appendices: safety data sheet (substance identification, health hazard data, first aid, precautions for safe use, handling and storage), chemical and physical properties, medical surveillance and treatment guidelines, preventive medicine. The text of the standard is preceded by background and supplementary information.
Federal Register, 17 Mar. 1978, Vol.43, No.53, p.11514-11533. 5 ref.