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CIS 76-1584 Portable air compressors - Noise emission standards.
Introduction (background information on the new regulations, comments received from industry, health and welfare and environmental agencies, etc.), followed by the text of the regulations, which specify A-weighted sound pressure level, measured at a distance of 7m from the surface of the portable air compressor enclosure, using slow meter response. As from 1 Jan. 1978, portable air compressors with maximum rated capacity not exceeding 250 cubic feet per minute shall not produce an average sound level in excess of 76dBA; as from 1 July 1978 this sound level also applies to portable air compressors with maximum rated capacity greater than 250 cubic feet per minute. Subsequent sections are devoted to: maintenance of records and submittal of information; test procedures; compliance with standards; required data; labelling; reporting of test results, etc.
Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Chapter 1, Part 204: Noise emission standards for construction equipment. Washington D.C., USA, 14 Jan. 1976, Vol.41, No.9, p.2162-2182.