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  • Notification of accidents and diseases


CIS 85-282 Prins R.
Accidents in the light of official statistics - Some comments on the "under-reporting" of occupational accidents in the Netherlands
Ongevallen in het licht van officiële cijfers - Over de "onderregistratie" van arbeidsongevallen in Nederland [en holandés]
The integration in 1967 of the Dutch Law on Accidents within a single Law on Sickness has had unfavourable consequences for the declaration and registration ("under-registration") of occupational accidents, since no differentiation is made any more between sickness, occupational accidents, accidents due to other causes, and occupational diseases. A comparison is made between the organisation and structure of information available to accident insurance bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and those resulting from the Dutch Law on Health Insurance. A comparison of the trends in the incidence of occupational accidents in the 2 countries between 1970 and 1981 reveals that the declared accident rate in FRG was systematically 3 times as high as in the Netherlands. A similar relation existed for declared fatal accidents. The importance of this "under-registration" is discussed.
Tijdschrift voor sociale gezondheidszorg, 25 Apr. 1984, Vol.62, No.9, p.362-368. Illus. 11 ref.

CIS 84-2089 Legislative and regulatory texts: conditions of work, occupational safety and health; prevention of technical hazards, fire, environmental protection, list of safety equipment suppliers
Textes législatifs et réglementaires: conditions de travail, sécurité, hygiène; prévention des risques techniques, incendie, protection de l'environnement, répertoire des fournisseurs de la sécurité [en francés]
This special issue follows that of July-Aug. 1983 (CIS 83-2093). It provides a consolidation of OSH laws and regulations published in France between June 1983 and June 1984. The texts are grouped into: (A) Conditions of work, safety and health: occupational accidents, the workplace air, noise, OSH committees, lighting, training, institutions representing employees, rights of workers, occupational diseases, industrial medicne; (B) prevention of technical risks; agriculture, pressure vessels, construction, electricity, building site machinery, gas installations, lifting and handling, machines, radioactive substances, mines and quarries; ionising radiation, dangerous substances, aerial ropeways and cables, agricultural and forestry tractors; (c) fires; (D) protection of the environment; (E) measuring instruments, standardisation; safety equipment suppliers.
Revue de la sécurité, July-Aug. 1984, Vol.20, No.213, p.6-181. Illus.


CIS 94-1104 Instructivo No.21 relativo a los requerimientos y características de los informes de los riesgos de trabajo que ocurran, para integrar las estadísticas
Directive issued in accordance with provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (CIS 83-2092). It provides for the uniform reporting of occupational accidents and diseases in Mexico. In annex: sample forms.
Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social, Doctor Vértiz 96, 06720 México, D.F., Mexico, 1983. 8p.

CIS 86-857 Manual de procedimientos para el reporte y control de trabajadores lesionados
This manual describes procedures to be used for the reporting and control of occupational injuries at PEMEX, the Mexican national petroleum company.
Petróleos Mexicanos, Av. Marina Nacional No.329, Edif. A. Colonia Huasteca, Mexico, DF, C.P. 11311, Mexico, 1983. 29p.

CIS 86-889 Notification of 5 Dec. 1983 of the Minister of Labour, Wages and Social Affairs concerning the publication of a unified text of the Order of 5 December 1974 of the Council of Ministers concerning the determination of the circumstances and causes of occupational accidents
Obwieszczenie Ministra Pracy, Płac i Spraw Socialnych z dnia 14 września 1983 r. w sprawie ogłoszenia jednolitego tekstu rozporządzenia Rady Ministrów z dnia 5 grudnia 1974 r. w sprawie ustalania okoliczności i przyczyn wypadków przy pracy [en polonés]
The text of the title order is given as modified in 1975 and 1983. The consolidated order took effect on the day of publication. It covers: general provisions (responsibilities of managers and employees, preservation of evidence); procedures to be followed in the determination of the circumstances and causes of accidents in enterprises within and outside of the socialist sector; recording of accidents; implementation of the order; repeal of orders of 18 June 1968 and 2 Nov. 1966 on the same subject.
Dziennik Ustaw, 1983, No.55, p.747-751.

CIS 85-1348 Order of the Council of Ministers of 18 Nov. 1983 regarding occupational diseases
Rozporządzenie Rady Ministrów z dnia 18 listopada 1983 r. w sprawie chorób zawodowych [en polonés]
This order of the Council of Ministers of Poland replaces (as of the date of publication) the order of 20 Nov. 1974. It specifies the procedures to be followed in reporting and investigating a case of an occupational disease (responsibilities of the affected worker, of the health services of the enterprise and of governmental institutions). Recognised occupational diseases are listed in an annex.
Dziennik Ustaw, 18 Nov. 1983, Vol.294, No.65, p.838-840.

CIS 85-286 Employers' guide to procedures for reporting occupational injuries and diseases
Guide de l'employeur - Méthodes à suivre pour l'établissement des rapports d'accidents du travail et de maladies professionnelles [en francés]
Guidelines for reporting occupational injuries and diseases under the Canadian Government Employees Compensation Act. Contents: general information; responsibilities of the employer; third party claims.
Labour Canada, Occupational Safety and Health Branch, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OJ2, Canada, 1983. 28p.

CIS 83-2094 Decree No.82-562 of 19 June 1982 modifying decree No.46-1959 of 31 Dec. 1946 modified with respect to the application of Book IV of the social security code
Décret n°82-562 du 29 juin 1982 modifiant le décret n°46-2959 du 31 déc. 1946 modifié relatif à l'application du livre IV du code de sécurité sociale [en francés]
Legislation revising the procedures by which victims and employers are to report occupational accidents, including time limits (France).
Journal officiel de la République française, 2 July 1982, Vol.114, No.152, p.2091.

CIS 83-2093 Legislative and regulatory texts: working conditions, occupational safety and health, 1982, 1983
Textes législatifs et réglementaires: conditions de travail, sécurité et hygiène du travail, 1982, 1983 [en francés]
This special issue gives reference to the principal French texts on safety published between May 1982 and May 1983. Essential texts are published in extenso: the Auroux laws (especially those concerning health, safety and working conditions committees; EEC directives on serious accidents; changes in the social security code (accident reporting); changes in the labour code (declaration of disability by occupational physicians); obligations of contractors and foremen in the construction industry; electrical safety in the construction, use and maintenance of electric energy distribution installations; provisions covering portable equipment; schedules of occupational diseases; safety measures for forklift trucks; safety in governmental operations; law on monitoring and exposure limits of chemical products; periodic inspection of installations consuming thermal energy; classified installations.
Revue de la sécurité, July-Aug. 1983, Vol.19, No.203, p.3-129.

CIS 83-2024 Occupational safety in the North Sea. A review of fatalities, injuries and reporting procedures in offshore exploration and production 1975-1981
This review describes and analyses data on personal injuries associated with offshore operations in the North Sea and examines the methods of recording and presenting the data. Data from the United Kingdom, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch sectors are not directly comparable because the national safety agencies concerned use different reporting systems. The data nonetheless show that fatality rates in the UK and Norwegian sectors declined in the period 1975-1981, that common factors determined the pattern of accidents in the UK and Norwegian sectors, that fatalities in the Danish and Dutch sectors appear to be contained, that the proportion of the total working population killed or seriously injured has generally been lower than in several onshore industries and that the ratio of fatalities to serious injuries is higher offshore than onshore. Because accurate and authoritative information requires uniform definitions of accident types and severity, as well as reliable man-power data, it is suggested that industry take the initiative in promoting collaboration between national governmental agencies and industrial concerns.
The Oil Industry International Exploration and Production Forum, 37 Duke Street, St. James's, London SW1Y 6DH, United Kingdom, Feb. 1983. 30p. Illus.


CIS 93-1058 Order No.36 of 1982 respecting statistical reporting forms for accidents and diseases [Egypt]
Qarār raqm 36 li-sana 1982 bi-ša'n namāthij ihsā'iyāt al-isābāt al-jasīma wa al-amrād [en árabe]
This order (effective from the day after publication in the official gazette) presents six model reporting forms and instructions for their use.
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Directorate General for Training, P.O. Box 2208, El-Horreya, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, no date. 13p. Illus.

CIS 85-2085 Workers' compensation legislation in Canada
Lois régissant l'indemnisation des victimes d'accidents du travail au Canada [en francés]
This report describes the pertinent legislation in each of the provinces and territories with details on the modes of application.
Publications Distribution Centre, Labour Canada, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0J2, Canada, 1982. 40p.

CIS 83-1394 Monitoring for occupational cancer
A position paper, "Recording occupations on a cancer registry" prepared by Australian and New Zealand occupational medical bodies, is reproduced and discussed. The paper itself presents general considerations; methodology for recording occupation and exposure; administrative aspects. The less complex method presented is recommended for introduction in Victoria, Australia.
ACTU-VTHC Occupational Health and Safety Unit, Trade Hall, Box 93, Carlton South, 3053 Victoria, Australia; Health and Safety Bulletin, Oct. 1982, No.24. 12p.

CIS 83-844 Laitinen H.
Reporting noninjury accidents: a tool in accident prevention
Study undertaken to find out whether a system for the voluntary reporting of non-injury accidents is useful in accident prevention work. A reporting system was set up in a 1800-worker steel plant, and 2 reporting campaigns were organised. The resulting reports on 52 non-injury accidents and 152 injury accidents were analysed. It was concluded that: the reporting system reveals particularly serious injury risks, and allows measures to be taken before injuries occur; reporting experience varies from department to department; the system highlights risks not shown in accident statistics and allows safety priorities to be modified; the system promotes personnel safety consciousness.
Lappeenrannan teknillimen korkeakoulu, Tuotantotalouden laitos, Lappeenranta, Finland, 1982. 12p. Illus. 3 ref.

CIS 83-887 Order No.82-562 of 29 June 1982 amending amended Order No.46-2959 of 31 Dec. 1946 relative to application of the provisions of Part IV of the social security code
Décret n°82-562 du 29 juin 1982 modifiant le décret n°46-2959 du 31 décembre 1946 modifié relatif à l'application des dispositions du livre IV du code de la sécurité sociale [en francés]
This Order (effective 1 Jan. 1983) deals with the notification of occupational accidents occurring during temporary work (time limit, violation). Duplicate of CIS 83-2094.
Journal officiel de la République française, 2 July 1982, p.2091.

CIS 83-751 Beck B.
Declaration and evaluation of silicosis and asbestosis
Zur Meldung und Begutachtung von Silikosen und Asbestosen [en alemán]
The situation created by the Order of 26 Feb. 1981 on prevention, declaration and evaluation of occupational diseases in the German Democratic Republic is reviewed. The order amended and enlarged the list of occupational diseases and contained new provisions for declaration and evaluation of silicosis and asbestosis. Its implications for workplace analysis and diagnosis, with particular reference to pleural hyalinosis, a manifestation of asbestosis, are reviewed.
Atemschutzinformationen, 1982, Vol.21, p.1-4. 25 ref.


CIS 98-357 Ley Federal de 20 de marzo de 1991 sobre el seguro de accidentes [Suiza]
Loi fédérale du 20 mars 1981 sur l'assurance-accidents (LAA) [Suisse] [en francés]
Bundesgesetz vom 20. März 1981 über die Unfallversicherung (UVG) [en alemán]
Legge federale del 20 marzo 1981 sull'assicurazione contro gli infortuni (LAINF) [en italiano]
Temas tratados: accidentes "in itinere"; accidentes de trabajo; declaración de los accidentes y enfermedades; indemnización de los trabajadores (accidentes y enfermedades); investigación post-accidente; enfermedades profesionales; legislación; organización de la prevención en la empresa; responsabilidades de los empresarios; responsabilidades de los trabajadores; sanciones; Suiza; tratamiento médico.
Amtliche Sammlung des Bundesrechts - Recueil officiel des lois fédérales, 1982, p.1-41 [en alemán] [en italiano] [en francés]

CIS 91-1057 Regulation No.PER/01/MEN/1981 on the obligatory report[ing] on occupational diseases [Indonesia]
Peraturan No.PER/01/MEN/1981 tentang Kewajiban Melaporkan Penyakit Akibat Kerja [en indonesio]
This Regulation provides a list of 30 diseases and types of diseases whose occurrence in workers must be reported to the appropriate authorities. The list is essentially identical to Schedule I of the ILO's Employment Injury Benefits Convention, 1964 (No.121), as amended in 1980.
In: Labour Legislation in Indonesia, Department of Manpower, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1988, Vol.II, p.216-219 (Indonesian-language section), p.205-208 (English-language section).

CIS 81-2090 Wiklund K., Einhorn J., Wennström G., Rapaport E.
A Swedish cancer-environment register available for research
The information in the Swedish Cancer Register has been improved by merging information from the 1960 census on occupation, main occupation during the year, economic activity, type of activity, occupational status, gainful employment, domicile, place of work, country of birth and higher education. This register is available to interested scientists in all countries. It can be used in epidemiologic studies on the relationship of occupation, and other factors, to the incidence of different types of cancer.
Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, Mar. 1981, Vol.7, No.1, p.64-67. 4 ref.


CIS 89-9 Ordinance 2/1980 by the President of the Central Statistical Office concerning the reporting and recording of statistical data on industrial accidents [Hungary]
A Központi Statisztikai Hivatal elnökének 2/1980 (VII.31.) KSH számú rendelkezése az üzemi balesetek statisztikai bejelentéséről és nyilvántartásáról [en húngaro]
Ordinance outlining the responsibilities of employers for reporting information on occupational accidents to the appropriate authorities, and for recording the information in a given format. In the appendix: detailed definition of occupational accidents; forms to be used for the reporting and recording of accident data.
Magyar Közlöny, 1980, No.55, p.797-805.

CIS 81-1195
Romanian Ministry of Labour (Ministerul muncii)
Technical rules concerning the methodology of occupational accident investigation and expertise of occupational diseases
Norme tehnice cu caracter metodologic privind cercetarea şi evidenţa accidentelor de muncă şi a bolilor profesionale [en rumano]
Contents: definition of occupational accidents; their notification; accident investigations; record-keeping of accidents and confirmation of facts reported; occupational diseases. Appended: model forms for record-keeping, reporting accidents, diagnosis (periodic medical examinations of silicosis cases); classifications for coding forms; instructions for filling in forms.
Protecţia muncii, Oct.-Dec. 1980, No.4, p.16-29.

CIS 81-1192 Egan B.
Notification of accidents and dangerous occurrences - The new law.
Question-and-answer booklet on the Notification of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1980, covering the following broad themes: defects of previous regulations, purpose of the new regulations, repeals, compensation, notifiable accidents and dangerous occurrences (definitions), interpretation of the new regulations, exceptions, employer's records, prosecution and penalties, management training and control, modification of employers' safety policy. The text of the regulations is appended.
IRB Question-and-Answer Series No.10. British Safety Council, National Safety Centre, Chancellor's Road, London W6 9RS, United Kingdom, 1980. 56p. Price: £5.95.

CIS 81-1181 Vaaranen V., Vasama M.
Occupational diseases in Finland, 1978-1979.
Statistics are given on occupational diseases reported to the Finnish occupational disease register in 1979, classified by industry, occupation, degree of disability, cause, disease groups (ICD Classification). Texts of the Occupational Disease Act (638/67), Ordinance on Occupational Diseases (639/67), and Statute on Compensable Accidents (852/48) are given. Details are presented on the structure and content of the register, its shortcomings, confidentiality of data, and plans for developing the register.
Reviews 5. Institute of Occupational Health, Laajaniityntie 1, 01620 Vantaa 62, Finland, 1980. 51p. Illus. Price: Fm.6.00.

CIS 81-883
Health and Safety Executive
The notification of accidents and dangerous occurrences.
Guidance notes intended for all who have responsibilities under the U.K. Notification of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1980 (effective 1 Jan. 1981). Interpretation of the regulations; types of incident which should be reported; who is responsible for reporting; authority to which report should be made; record-keeping; action to be taken in the event of an accident or dangerous occurrence. Appended: text of the regulations; report forms.
HM Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London SE1 9NH, United Kingdom, 1980. 43p. Price: £1.50.

CIS 80-1790 Willson V.L.
Estimating changes in accident statistics due to reporting requirement changes.
The analysis of accident data is made complicated by changes in requirements for reporting accidents. Such changes can obscure or magnify apparent effects of safety programs and of any evaluation based on the reportable accident statistics. A general methodoloy for estimating the magnitude of change due to the reporting procedure is discussed. The procedure is based on Box-Jenkins time series analysis. An example from South Dakota accident statistics illustrates the procedure.
Journal of Safety Research, Spring 1980, Vol.12, No.1, p.36-42. Illus. 8 ref.

CIS 80-1794 Ayoub M.A., Kushner K.J.
A computerized safety management information system for state OSHA inspection and enforcement programs.
Management information systems (MIS) used by states of the USA that administer their own OSH programmes are reviewed, and a model MIS for state occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programmes is presented. The proposed MIS generates a variety of output reports that should satisfy OSHA monthly and quarterly reporting requirements: aid in evaluating the inspection and compliance programme, and the work of the safety and health inspectors; OSH training for inspectors, employers, and workers; providing information to aid inspectors in preparing future inspections; aiding OSH administrators in planning inspections, using methods and techniques of operations research and management science.
Journal of Safety Research, Spring 1980, Vol.12, No.1, p.21-35. Illus. 12 ref.


CIS 80-1190 Bräunlich A., Konetzke G.
Trends, control and evaluation of occupational diseases in the German Democratic Republic
Entwicklungstendenzen, Bekämpfung und Begutachtung von Berufskrankheiten in der DDR [en alemán]
The current procedures for notification, evaluation and compensation of occupational diseases in the German Democratic Republic are reviewed, with an overview of the statistical trends for 1973-78 (noise-induced deafness 42%, dermatoses 7%, musculoskeletal diseases 14%, lung diseases 10%). The chief preventive measures are presented, together with the national regulations.
Zeitschrift für die gesamte Hygiene und ihre Grenzgebiete, Sep. 1979, Vol.25, No.9, p.675-680. 3 ref.

CIS 80-296 Koršunov Ju.N.
Accident investigations and notification of accidents
Rassledovanie i učet nesčastnyh slučaev na proizvodstve [en ruso]
This handbook intended for plant management and the legal profession shows how well-conducted accident investigations can improve occupational safety generally. A review of the organisation of the labour inspection services, the duties of the public authorities and the regulations concerning occupational safety and health, and the inspection and enforcement role of the trade unions in the USSR is followed by chapters devoted to: definition and classification of occupational accidents; accident investigations; notification of accidents; occupational safety and health training; administrative, criminal and civil liability in case of non-observance of regulations (assessment of cost of accidents and compensation); procedure for law suits.
Izdatel'stvo "Juridičeskaja literatura", ul. Kačalova 14, 121069 Moskva G-69, USSR, 1979. 111p. 36 ref. Price: Rbl.0.30.

CIS 79-2067 Amphoux M.
Role of the medical practitioner in diseases and accidents related to occupation
Rôle du médecin praticien en pathologie à incidences professionnelles. [en francés]
This encyclopaedia article discusses the problems, particularly aetiological, which confront the medical practitioner (general practitioner, hospital physician or specialist) when treating occupational diseases, diseases related to occupation and temporary or permanent handicaps which may affect work performance. The article stresses the necessity for collaboration in this field between the medical practitioner and the plant physician.
Encyclopédie médico-chirurgicale. Hygiène et législation, Fascicule 16760 A10, 7-1979, 18 rue Séguier, 75006 Paris, France. 4p.

CIS 79-1679 Medical notification of untoward work-health associations
Läkares anmälan om oväntade samband arbete-ohälsa [en sueco]
This notification (effective 1 July 1979) informs physicians that they must notify the Swedish Labour Inspectorate of all health impairments which they suspect may be related to work. Commentaries and a reproduction of a declaration form are appended.
ASF 1979:1, National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), Fack, 100 26 Stockholm, Sweden, 8 Mar. 1979. 8p.

CIS 79-1411 Carpelan A.
A new register to assist research workers to establish an occupation-cancer link
Nytt register hjälper forskare spåra samband yrke-cancer [en sueco]
This article reports on a new register to replace the Swedish register of cancer cases established in 1958. Data filed in the new register may be linked to: occupation, branch of activity, worker's role in production, location of workpost, etc. Statistical evaluation of these data can assist research workers in targeting their investigations on specific hazards.
Arbetsmiljö, 26 Mar. 1979, No.4, p.38-39. Illus.


CIS 79-1185 Vaaranen V., Vasama M.
The Finnish Occupational Disease Register, 1977 - Occupational diseases reported in 1977.
The Register is described with its source of data, structure, data recorded and shortcomings; the Finnish Occupational Disease Act and Ordinance of 1967 are quoted. The statistics are divided into a section on all diseases except skin diseases and another on skin diseases. The former is arranged by age distribution, industry, hearing loss, repetitive work, and causes of disease. Some data from previous years are given for comparison. Skin diseases are reported by age, industry and causes. For the cases registered in the period 1964 - 1974, see CIS 77 - 1492.
Institute of Occupational Health (Työterveyslaitos), Laajaniityntie 1, 01620 Vantaa 62, Finland, 1978. 50p. Illus. Price: Fmk.6.00

CIS 78-2092 MacCollum D.V.
Accident reporting - An exercise in futility?
Present accident reporting systems do not adequately inform safety engineers, standards writers, and other safety professionals so that accidents can be reduced. Items recommended include identification of the hazard; description of the agency causing the accident; list of principal uses of the agency; and description of the accident area. The emphasis on information for insurance purposes is considered ineffective for reducing accidents. Court decisions in the U.S. are noted as giving priority to safety by design.
National Safety News, Aug. 1978, Vol.118, No.2, p.80-82. 5 ref.


CIS 77-1492 Vaaranen V.
Occupational diseases listed in the Occupational Disease Register of Finland in 1964-1974 - An academic dissertation
Suomen ammattitautirekisteriin ilmoitetut ammattitaudit vuosina 1964-74 [en finlandés]
Research report concerning 6,429 cases. The most common diseases were caused by noise, vibration, bacteria and viruses, repetitive movements, lead, quartz and asbestos dust. The activities with the greatest risk were non-metal mining, metal ore mining and basic metal industries; those with lowest risk were transport and storage, retail trade and restaurant and hotel activities. As an example of the evaluation of industrial diseases, there was a tendency for lead poisoning to decrease during the period 1969-1974. A questionnaire survey of asthma or allergic rhinitis sufferers was made; fluor was the most common allergen. The social implications of exposure and compensation are dealt with. English summary.
Työterveyslaitoksen tutkimuksia 128, Institute of Occupational Health (Työterveyslaitos), Helsinki, Finland, 1977. 252p. Illus. 63 ref.


CIS 77-891
Ministry of Employment and Labour (Ministère de l'emploi et du travail), Bruxelles.
Royal Order of 8 March 1976 to amend sections 835bis to 836 of the General Labour Protection Regulations
Arrêté royal du 8 mars 1976 modifiant les articles 835bis à 836 du Règlement général pour la protection du travail [en francés]
This Order (entry into force: 1 July 1976) requires employers to forward an annual report to the Occupational Safety Administration, and one to the Occupational Hygiene and Medicine Administration, concerning the activity of the plant safety, health and workplace improvement service. The report should provide information on the establishment or undertaking and give details of all occupational and commuting accidents, and all safety, health and hygiene measures adopted for the workers' protection. Other provisions concern record keeping of every lost-time accident and entries to be made in the records from check lists given in the Order (type of accident, accident agency (material cause), preventive measures adopted, consequences of accident, type and site of injury).
Moniteur belge - Belgisch Staatsblad, 28 Apr. 1976, Vol.146, No.83, p.5448-5457.


CIS 77-261 Notification concerning diseases which may be work-related
Anmälan om sjukdom som kan ha samband med arbete [en sueco]
These directives lay down certain conditions to be fulfilled if a disorder discovered in the course of routine medical check-ups is to be considered as work-related (somatic or psychic disturbances and subjective symptoms in a number of workers exposed to the same hazards). Notification of these cases should indicate the signs and symptoms, presumed harmful workplace factors, number of workers affected, etc. A model notification form and a directory of the Swedish Labour Inspectorate regional offices are appended.
Meddelanden 1975:15, National Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Kungliga Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), Fack, 100 26 Stockholm 34, Sweden, 30 June 1975. 6p. Gratis.


CIS 75-557 Jylhä L.
Making damage and risk control more effective
Vahinko- ja riskitarkkailun tehostaminen [en finlandés]
Effektivering av skade- och riskkontrollen [en sueco]
Description of a damage control system which takes into account all accidents and dangerous occurrences, searches for all risk factors involved in production methods and equipment, and aims at preventing accidents and reducing risks by appropriate safety measures. Examples of damage reports on a simple form for processing by the damage control centre are given. From the experience gained in a large chemical plant in Finland it is emphasised that the damage report channel does not replace the normal line organisatioon information channel nor personal initiative at the department level. CIS has only the Swedish-language version.
Ehkäise tapaturmia - Förebygg olycksfall, 1974, No.2, p.16-18. Illus.

CIS 74-1706 Greenberg M., Lloyd Davies T.A.
Mesothelioma Register 1967-68.
A register of mesothelioma cases is maintained by the Employment Medical Advisory Service of the Department of Employment. This paper describes an investigation of 413 notifications to the Register in 1967-68 from England, Wales and Scotland. Cases were described as definite when histological confirmation of diagnosis had been obtained. 246 cases were accepted as definite, 76 were regarded as "definitely not" mesothelioma. The remainder were classified as undecided. The investigation covers clinical aspects, survival and evidence of exposure to asbestos.
British Journal of Industrial Medicine, Apr. 1974, Vol.31, No.2, p.91-104. Illus. 22 ref.

CIS 74-1083 Veys C.A.
Bladder tumours and occupation: a coroner's notification scheme.
In order to investigate the importance of occupational factors in the aetiology of bladder cancer, a coroner's notification scheme for all bladder tumours occurring within a defined industrial area was instituted. Every death certificate on which a bladder tumour was recorded was notified to the coroner's office within a 6 year period (1965-1970). In almost all cases a necropsy was carried out to confirm diagnosis. An inquiry into the occupational history was conducted and related to 2 industrial checklists. It was found that about 20% of persons dying of this disease had a suspicious history of exposure to a carcinogen, which accords broadly with other recent surveys whose methodology was different.
British Journal of Industrial Medicine, Jan. 1974, Vol.31, No.1, p.65-71. Illus. 37 ref.


CIS 89-1053 Accidents and Occupational Diseases (Notification) Act [Guyana]
Act of 46 of 1955, as amended in 1958 and 1967. Schedules set out the details of what must be included in notification forms. Regulation 7/1956 issued under the Act specifies the following occupational diseases: poisoning by lead, phosphorus, arsenic, mercury or other matals; anthrax.
Government of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana, 1973. 15p.

CIS 75-595
Ministry of Health of the Czech Socialist Republic (Ministerstvo zdravotnictvi ČSR), Praha.
Notification and filing of occupational diseases, cases of occupational poisoning and other health injuries due to employment
Hlášení a evidence nemocí z povolání, profesionálních otrav a jiných poškození na zdraví z práce [en checo]
Instruction dated 9 Aug. 1973 and entered into force on 1 Jan. 1974. Definition of occupational diseases and types of poisoning. Duties of medical practitioners and special hospitals for occupational diseases regarding notification and investigation of suspect cases. Employer's duty to report all pertinent information concerning the patient's previous occupational history. Autopsy in fatal cases of occupational disease or poisoning. Keeping of records and statistical data.
Věstník ministerstva zdravotnictví ČSR, 21 Dec. 1973, Vol.21, No.10-12, p.105-108.

CIS 74-2086 Standard underwater accident report form.
This standard sponsored by the Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics and approved on 27 Sep. 1973 applies to the acquisition and codification of data derived from the investigation of scuba diving accidents (environmental conditions, human factors, experience, type of equipment used, injuries, etc.).
ANSI Z86.2-1973, American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10018, USA, 1973. 6p. Illus. Price: US-$2.00.


CIS 93-353 Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Notification of Occupational Diseases) Regulations [Hong Kong]
Regulations effective 12 March 1965 and issued under the authority of the 1955 Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance (see CIS 89-6). They require medical practitioners to notify the Director of Medical and Health Services of any case of occupational disease they diagnose in a patient or in the body of a deceased person. In annex: list of occupational diseases (poisoning by one of a number of toxic substances; anthrax; skin cancer or ulceration of the corneal surface of the eye; chrome ulceration; skin inflammation or ulceration produced by dust, liquid or vapour; heat cataract; decompression sickness; pathological manifestations due to radioactive substances or X-rays; silicosis; asbestosis); form to be used for the notification.
Government Printer, Hong Kong, 1981. 2p. Price: HKD 1.50.


CIS 89-1051 Notification of Accidents at Work Act; Notification of Fatal Injuries Act [Jordan]
Acts No.2 and No.32 of 1963, issued under sections 3 and 62 of Labour Law No.21 of 1960. A list of compensable occupational diseases is included.
English translation, Vocational Training Corporation, Occupational Safety and Health Institute, P.O. Box 330520, Amman, Jordan, 1989. 8p.


CIS 93-1406 Ministerial Decree of 12 Sep. 1958 - Establishment of accident registers [Italy]
D.M. 12.9.1958 - Istituzione del registro degli infortuni [en italiano]
This Decree specifies the format and contents of accident registers that enterprises must keep on their premises. Also included: Ministerial Decree of 10.8.1984 permitting the use of individual accident-reporting cards instead of a register. The format and contents of such cards are specified.
In: Zucchetti R., Igiene del lavoro e prevenzione delle malattie professionali, Buffetti Editore, Via Sud Africa 29, 00144 Roma, Italy, 1987 (ISBN 88-19-48201-0, price: ITL 60,000), p.465-473. Also in: Gazzetta ufficiale, 9 Oct. 1958, No.244.


CIS 99-364 Ordenanza sobre los accidentes de trabajo y las enfermedades profesionales (declaración) [Tanzania]
Accidents and occupational diseases (Notification) Ordinance [Tanzania] [en inglés]
Temas tratados: casos mortales; declaración de los accidentes y enfermedades; investigación post-accidente; listado de enfermedades profesionales; legislación; República Unida de Tanzania; sanciones.
Fotocopias disponible en CIS. 9p.


CIS 02-503 Ley sobre accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales (Notificación) (Barbados)
Accidents and Occupational Diseases (Notification) Act [Barbados] [en inglés]
Esta Ley especifica las circunstancias en las que un empresario, un médico o un médico forense, tienen la obligación de notificar al Inspector principal del trabajo cualquir caso de accidente laboral o enfermedad profesional. En un anexo: formularios tipo que deben utilizarse para las notificaciones; listado de enfermedades profesionales.
Government Printing Department, Bay Street, St. Michael, Barbados, 1985. Offprint, 13p.


CIS 90-1 Accidents and Occupational Diseases (Notification) Ordinance [Israel]
English-language version of the ordinance covering: notification of accidents and occupational diseases; inquest in case of death by accident or occupational disease; special powers of the Department of Labour to direct formal investigations; penalties. In the schedules: notification forms; list of 15 recognised occupational diseases.
In: Labour Laws, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Hakiryah, P.O. Box 915, Jerusalem 91008, Israel, 1989, ch.20, p.210-219.

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