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CIS 77-71 Notification of work with asbestos
Anmälan om arbete med asbest [en sueco]
Swedish directive No.52, concerning health hazards due to asbestos dust, requires employers to notify the National Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Health of all projects and operations involving the handling, use or processing of asbestos or material containing asbestos. In case of doubt as to whether the employer has complied with this statutory obligation, it is the plant safety offier's duty to make the necessary notification to the Board, informming the employer of the action taken. A model statutory declaration form indicating number of exposed workers, type of operation and type of material used is appended.
Meddelanden 1975:24, National Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Kungliga Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), Fack, 100 26 Stockholm 34, Sweden, 17 Oct. 1975. 2p. Gratis.

CIS 77-288 Annual report of the Labour Inspectorate, 1974
Årsmelding fra Arbeidstilsynet 1974 [en noruego]
This report, containing many statistical tables, gives an overall picture of the work of the Norwegian Directorate of Labour Inspection in 1974: competence and sphere of activity; public relations, organisation and staffing of the Directorate; reorganisation in progress; statistical data regarding inspections, exemptions, etc.; safety, worker protection and labour regulations, rules and directives drafted, amended and published; activity of the legal, medical and technical branches; safety information and safety campaigns; publications (analytical bulletin, statistics, periodical "Labour Protection"). Chapter headings and summary in English.
Direktoratet for arbeidstilsynet, Postboks 8103, Oslo-Dep., Norway, June 1975. 27p.

CIS 77-287 Activities of the Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health and Labour Inspectorate in 1974
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen och Yrkesinspektionen Verksamhetsberättelse 1974 [en sueco]
During 1974 the Board issued through its Supervision Department, in addition to 33 notices on various subjects, directives concerning: safety in shipyards, industrial trucks, maximum allowable concentrations of different substances and gaseous anaesthetics. The Department assisted in drawing up of standards, inspected and approved machinery, started a special silicosis observation project and trained labour inspection personnel. The Occupational Health Department's research, training and consultant work covered chemical and physical hazards; work physiology, ergonomics and psychology. The Labour Inspectorate was reorganised and visited 35,000 workplaces of the 76,000 registered ones (2.1 million employees). English summary and captions for 6 tables.
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Fack, 100 26 Stockholm 34, Sweden, Dec. 1975. 64p. 114 ref.

CIS 76-1738
Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministerie van sociale zaken), Den Haag.
Annual reports of the Inspectorate of Dock Labour, 1971-1973 inclusive
Jaarverslag inspectie van de havenarbeid - 1971 tot en met 1973 [en holandés]
A general survey of the work done by the Netherlands Dock Labour Inspectorate with particular reference to the application of dock labour legislation and other relevant regulations. The main body of the reports is devoted to occupational safety and health inspection in the docks: cranes, hoists and tackle; penalties for infringement of safety regulations; hazardous substances; belt conveyors; forklift trucks; bale-grappling spreaders; accidents due to loading booms; hatches, ladders; slinging; incorrect storage; hazards in unloading timber; dock transport; fire and explosion hazards; personal protective equipment; unsafe work practices; injury due to wearing rings, etc. A chapter is devoted to accident prevention campaigns, vocational training and welfare.
Labour Inspectorate, General Directorate of Labour (Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid), Postbus 69, Voorburg, Netherlands, Sep. 1975. 36p. Illus.

CIS 76-1710 Bryan A.
The evolution of health and safety in mines.
The object of the book is to contribute to a better understanding of state regulation and inspection in relation to health and safety in British mines. The evolution of health and safety legislation is traced from its beginnings right up to the discussions preceding the latest regulations on the statute book. The influence of reports on coal mine accidents and employment of children, and developments in the regulation and inspection of mines in the 19th century are shown. Other chapters are devoted to the laws on safety and health in coal mines, the influence of technical progress, and the organisation and role of the Mines Inspectorate. The development of the concern of occupational medicine with diseases of miners is traced, and administrative aspects and safety and health organisation in British coalmining is described. In a final chapter, the author deals with the inquiry and the recommendations of the Robens Committee that resulted in the Safety and Health at Work Act 1974. The most important regulations are reproduced in an appendix.
Mine and Quarry Publications, 42 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8LR, United Kingdom, 1975. 192p. 83 ref. Price: £5.70.

CIS 76-1206 Overhead travelling cranes - Compliance testing
Ponts roulants - Conduite des épreuves et essais. [en francés]
This standard defines the conditions for testing of overhead travelling cranes, the criteria to be taken into consideration in deciding on putting them into service, and tests with a nominal load. Contents: procedures before testing (general examination, visual inspection of no-load operation, test of no-load operation of safety devices, testing ground); testing (estimation of loads, static test, dynamic test, tolerances); points to be observed during compliance testing; tests under nominal load; user's specifications.
Norme française enregistrée NF E 52-126, Association française de normalisation, Tour Europe, 92080 Paris-la-Défense, Cedex 7, France, Mar. 1975. 6p. 4 ref.

CIS 76-1486
Government of Punjab, Labour Commissioner (Statistical Section), Chandigarh.
Annual administration report of the Punjab Labour Department and other reports on the working of various labour laws for the year 1971.
Review of the activities of the Punjab Labour Department, followed by reports on the application and enforcement of various labour laws; in particular: (1) the Factories Act 1948 (inspection - 167 prosecutions for violation of safety regulations, 297 for violation of occupational health and hygiene regulations; report of Medical Inspector of Factories (nasal septum perforation in chromium plating shops; chronic allergic bronchitis in pottery works; mass X-ray surveys, etc.); accidents (analysis by causes and breakdown by industry, in tabular form; comparative accident rates and man-days lost 1958-1971 inclusive); (2) the Workmen's Compensation Act 1923 (statistical tables: fatal accidents, permanent and temporary disablement, compensation).
Controller, Printing and Stationery Department, Union Territory, Chandigarh, Punjab, India, 1975. 186p.

CIS 76-1145 Mason K.
The effectiveness of accident prevention inspections.
Given the success of accident prevention investigations, it is suggested (1) that they create a general climate of safety awareness, and thus have a beneficial effect at the individual industrial operations, or (2) that they increase safety awareness only at the locations inspected. The second hypothesis is investigated statistically, with tables showing the relative probability of accidents in the Canadian Province of British Columbia in 1972-1974 by the number of weeks after inspection; incidence of accidents by the number of weeks between the last inspection and the accident, and between the inspections before and after the accident. From the results this hypothesis is rejected, and the first hypothesis concluded to be valid.
Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia, 5255 Heather Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Dec. 1975. 20p. Illus.

CIS 76-925 Young R.A., Nash P.
The testing of sprinkler installations.
This paper deals with the testing of some sprinkler system components to the requirements of the installation tests and maintenance procedures of the British Fire Offices' Committee. The approval tests described are concerned with wet and dry pipe alarm valves, the water motor and pressure switches. There follow some considerations on false alarms, requirements on installation of a system, proving tests of water supplies, and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems.
CP 77/75, Building Research Establishment, Fire Research Station, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 2BL, United Kingdom, Aug. 1975. 9p. Illus. 4 ref.

CIS 76-1183 The work of the Labour Inspectorate in 1974
Die Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektion im Jahre 1974 [en alemán]
This issue is devoted entirely to the report. After giving details on the organisation and activity of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate, with particular reference to occupational accidents and diseases, the report describes a number of exceptionally serious cases and cases of particular interest. Numerous statistical tables on factory inspections, reported accidents and inspectors' injunctions.
Amtliche Nachrichten des Bundesministeriums für soziale Verwaltung und des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit und Umweltschutz, 27 Nov. 1975, Vol.31, No.11, p.693-771.

CIS 76-889 Annual Report 1974 of H.M. Chief Inspector of Factories.
This report contains chapters devoted to: industrial hazards (electrical engineering, woodworking, printing, engineering, explosion and fire, North Sea oil, miscellaneous); development of a major hazards policy; health and safety activities; occupational hygiene; accident experience; a brief history of the factory inspectorate from 1833 to 1974. Appendices contain, in tabular form: reported cases of industrial diseases; estimated breakdown of accident by nature and site of injury; fatal accidents; fatal and severe accident annual incidence rates (1971-74); reported accidents in 1974, by industry etc. There were 256,930 reported accidents in 1974 (32,656 on construction sites); 479 of these were fatal (161 on construction sites). Comparative figures for 1973 were 272,518 (35,947:construction), of which 549 were fatal (230:construction). The fall in fatalities is accounted for almost entirely by the reduction in the construction industry.
Cmnd 6322. Department of Employment, London. H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom, 1975. 133p. 29 ref. Price: £2.05.

CIS 76-596 Report of the Inspector-General of Mines for 1973
Verslag 1973 van de Inspecteur-Generaal der mijnen [en holandés]
Organisation and activities of the Netherlands Mining Inspectorate: coal mines (production, occupational accidents, fire and explosion hazards, electrical hazards, dust control, etc.); petroleum and natural gas extraction (production, electrical safety, fire prevention and fire fighting, accidents, etc.); salt mines (electrical safety, fire protection, etc.); underground sandpits for mushroom cultivation, etc. Statistical tables of fatal accidents, accident causes (physical agents), severity rates, and inspections carried out during the year under review are appended.
Staatsdrukkerij, Christoffel Plantijnstraat 13, Den Haag, Netherlands, 1975. 114p. Illus. Price: Glds.9.80.

CIS 76-595
General Directorate of Labour (Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid), Voorburg, May 1975.
Labour Inspectorate - Report for 1971-1973
De arbeidsinspectie - Verslag over 1971-1973 [en holandés]
Details concerning the functions and organisation of the Netherlands Inspectorate of Labour are followed by a report of its activities: legislation (drafting of laws and regulations); trends in hours of work, conditions of work of young persons and other categories of workers, inspection of occupational safety and health conditions in the principal industrial sectors (with statistics of occupational accidents and diseases), international relations, etc.
Staatsuitgeverij, Den Haag, Netherlands. 154p. Illus.

CIS 76-334 Directives for the approval, declaration, testing and inspection of fired steam boilers
Forskrifter for fyrede dampkedlers godkendelse, anmeldelse og prøvning samt tilsyn m.m. [en danés]
These directives, which came into force on 1 June 1975, apply to closed-circuit steam boilers and superheated water generators. They include rules for approval of these pressure vessels, (blueprints, calculation of strength), control of manufacture (welding, heat treatment, pressure tests, etc.), certificates for acceptance tests, and changes of location, etc., keeping the inspection record, supervision of installation, periodical inspections, prohibition of use or taking out of service in the event of damage, and appeals against decisions of the labour inspectorate.
Publikation nr.53, Directorate of Labour Inspection (Direktoratet for Arbejdstilsynet), Rosenvængets Allé 16-18, 2100 København, Denmark, Mar. 1975. 29p. Gratis.

CIS 76-7
Labour Inspectorate, General Directorate of Labour (Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid), Voorburg.
Inspection register for mobile cranes
Kraanboek voor mobiele kraan [en holandés]
Inspection register in which entries should be made concerning all inspections and periodical checks of the working order and condition of cranes and their load-limiting devices and wire ropes. This register should be kept near the crane.
Staatsuitgeverij, Christoffel Plantijnstraat 13, Den Haag, Netherlands, 1975. 99p. Price: Glds.11.00.

CIS 75-1774 McKinnon R.
EMAS: Profile of a new occupational health concept.
The article describes in some detail the history, aims, activities, structure and operation of the Employment Medical Advisory Service (EMAS), which grew out of the Medical Inspectorate and was set up in the United Kingdom in 1972. Its aims and activities include the development of occupational medicine in the U.K., epidemiological and other research, organisation of medical monitoring of workers, and assistance in the correct placement of individuals; it now employs 116 doctors and 72 nurses and support staff. Officers have powers to enter a factory if conditions there might be hazardous to health. EMAS is also active in rehabilitation, and plans are afoot to extend the service to school leavers before they take up employment. The current cost of the service is £3 million a year.
Occupational Safety and Health, May 1975, Vol.5, No.5, p.16-18. Illus.


CIS 76-1180 Annual report on the activity of the Labour Inspectorate, 1973
Relazione annuale sull'attività dell'Ispettorato del lavoro, 1973 [en italiano]
An introductory note refers to the profound changes in State structures resulting from recent Italian legislation, and from the exodus of engineers and physicians from the Labour Inspectorate. Part 1: attributions, powers and organisation of the Inspectorate; notes on relevant legislation, ministerial circulars, list of collective agreements renewed in 1973; structure of the Labour Inspectorate (central, regional and provincial offices). Part 2: inspection activities, with statistics by region and type of legislation. Part 3: occupational accident prevention activities, by branch of industry and region). Part 4: activities of the Medical Inspectorate.
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (Ministero del Lavoro e della Previdenza Sociale), Roma, Italy, 1974. 50p.

CIS 75-1813 Practice for the inspection of elevators, escalators and moving walks - Inspectors' manual.
This manual, approved as an American National Standard, was co-sponsored by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards, the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Intended to serve as a practical guide for inspectors, it is in general based on the rules of the Safety Code for elevators, dumbwaiters and escalators ANSI A17.1-1972 (CIS 2511-1972, Jhup(203), but also contains recommendations for the inspection of equipment. Attention is paid to the personal safety of inspectors in the introduction, and sections are devoted to: routine inspection; initial or acceptance inspection and tests; inspection of escalators; inspection and tests of moving walks. Appendices give details of clearances, wire rope constructions, various types of safeties and governors, handling and socketing of wire rope, and relationships of escalator parts.
ANSI A17.2-1973, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, United Engineering Center, 345 East 47th Street, New York, N.Y. 10017, USA. Standard approved on 29 May 1973. 143p. Illus. Price: US-$8.50.

CIS 75-1849 Regulations for periodic inspections of certain pressure vessels
Forskrifter for periodiske undersøgelser af visse trykbeholdere [en danés]
These regulations apply to pressure vessels for which the maximum operating pressure in bars multiplied by their volume in litres is greater than 1,000. They lay down the intervals between inspections of gas cylinders, air receivers, refrigerant vessels, etc.
Publikation nr.48, Directorate of Labour Inspection (Direktoratet for Arbejdstilsynet), Upsalage 20, 2100 København Ø, Denmark, 1974. 4p. Gratis.

CIS 75-2043 Mäkinen H.
Technical labour protection problems in the textile industry
Teknisten työsuojelukysymysten kartoitusta tekstiiliteollisuudessa [en finlandés]
The dangers and disadvantages of different machinery work phases in the textile industry were analysed for their effects on workers. The study was made by orientation visits and interviews in 7 textile factories, accident reports, and from comprehensive literature reviews. A general picture of protection problems was produced for inspection authorities and for further investigation.
Tutkimusraportti 4, National Board of Labour Protection (Työsuojeluhallitus) Tampere, Finland, 1974. 79p. Illus. 64 ref.

CIS 75-1992 Personal protective equipment - General rules
Personlig verneutstyr - Alminnelige regler [en noruego]
Compilation of rules for testing and marking personal protective equipment and for providing instructions to ensure the correct use and maintenance of this equipment. Subjects dealt with include: head and scalp protection; hearing protection; face and eye protection; respiratory protection; foot and leg protection; safety belts and lifelines. The test conditions, which are valid for all the Nordic countries, are reproduced in detail.
Veiledning nr.10, Directorate of Labour Inspection (Direktoratet for arbeidstilsynet), Postboks 8103, Oslo-Dep., Norway, Nov. 1974. 56p. Illus. Gratis.

CIS 75-1802 An investigation into the safety of crane runways
Een onderzoek naar de veiligheid van kraanbanen [en holandés]
Report on safety inspections made in 1973 on the runways of 204 building cranes in the Netherlands. The results of spirit-level checks, track bend measurements and inspections concerning rail sections, clearances, track-end stops, etc. are commented on and tabulated. A summary is given of manufacturers' data and documentation required for this kind of inspection.
Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid, Arbeidsinspectie, Postbus 69, Voorburg, Netherlands, no date. Illus. 12p. Price: Glds.0.50.

CIS 75-1485 Leidel N.A., Busch K.A.
Statistical methods for the determination of noncompliance.
A preliminary draft report presenting a statistical procedure to determine whether sample results do not comply with a standard, that is, whether the difference between the standard and the group of samples is statistically significant. Recommendations for the collection of samples and evaluation of data are given. A NIOSH technical report and a journal article including additional topics (determining non-compliance with standards for mixtures, ceiling standards, and the silica standard) are foreseen.
Transactions of the Thirty-fifth Annual Meeting of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Boston, Massachusetts, 20-25 May 1973. p.125-134. 5 ref. American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, 1014 Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, USA.

CIS 75-1425 De Putter P.
Labour inspection and safety in agriculture
Arbeidsinspectie en landbouwveiligheid [en holandés]
A short history of the evolution of safety legislation and the activity of the Dutch labour inspectorate in agriculture is followed by some statistical figures on agricultural accidents in the Netherlands. 10-12% of the victims were children. Other aspects dealt with are motivation to safe working, the Agricultural Workers Safety and Health Decree, product safety in agriculture, the Pesticides Act, electrical safety and the employment of young persons.
De veiligheid, Nov. 1974, No.11, p.453-457. Illus.

CIS 75-1434
Department of Energy, London.
Report of H.M. Chief Inspector of Mines and Quarries for 1973
The report covers coal mines (mines at work and inspections made, accidents, support of workings, underground haulage and transport, machinery, explosives and blasting devices, explosions, fires, ventilation, airborne dust, noise, surface work, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, rescue services); mines of stratified ironstone, shale and fireclay (general, inspections, accidents); miscellaneous mines (general, inspections, accidents, dangerous occurrences); and quarries (general, inspection, accidents, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, safety and health). Numerous statistical tables are appended (accidents, dangerous occurrences, etc. in coal mines, miscellaneous mines and quarries).
H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom, 1974. 85p. Illus. Price: £0.51.

CIS 75-1195 The Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963 - Report by the Secretary of State for Employment for the year ended 31 December 1973.
This report contains chapters devoted to: operation of the Act; environmental factors; dangerous machinery, conditions and practices; fire provisions; accidents; enforcement of the Act; publicity. Appended: a list of forms and advisory publications; a list of statutory instruments; statistics of registered premises and general inspection; enforcement of the fire provisions of the Act; legal proceedings and prosecutions; classified reported accidents.
H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom, 1974. 39p. Illus. Price: £0.51.

CIS 75-1191 The work of the Labour Inspectorate in 1973
Die Amtstätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektorate im Jahre 1973 [en alemán]
After giving details on the organisation and activity of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate, with particular reference to occupational accidents and diseases, the report describes a number of exceptionally serious cases and cases of particular interest. Numerous statistical tables on factory inspections, reported accidents and inspectors' injunctions.
Amtliche Nachrichten des Bundesministeriums für soziale Verwaltung und des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit und Umweltschutz, 28 Nov. 1974, Vol.30, No.11, p.761-839.

CIS 75-894 Annual Report 1973 of H.M. Chief Inspector of Factories.
This report contains chapters devoted to: industrial hazards (explosion and fire, hazards in the construction industry, safeguarding of machinery and plant, electricity, noise); safety and health activities; occupational hygiene; occupational hygiene laboratories; accident experience. Appendices contain, in tabular form: reported cases of industrial diseases; estimated breakdown of accident by nature and site of injury; fatal accidents; fatal and severe accident annual incidence rates (1970-73); reported accidents in 1973, by industry, etc. There were 272,518 reported accidents in 1973 (35,947 on construction sites); 549 of these were fatal (230 on construction sites). Comparative figures for 1972 were 258,137 (35,017: construction), of which 468 were fatal (190: construction). This shows an upward rise of 5.6% in all reported accidents and a similar upward movement in fatalities.
Cmnd 5708, Department of Employment, London. H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom, 1974. 140p. Illus. 44 ref. Price: £1.10.

CIS 75-606 Oechsel J.P.
Regulation and technical supervision of lifting equipment - Training of personnel
Réglementation et contrôle techniques des appareils de levage - Formation du personnel. [en francés]
Commentary on the French regulations concerning safe use of lifting equipment. Technical inspections. Skills and training required for persons operating equipment. Detailed table of checks to be performed, with intervals between them. Notes on relevant training facilities provided by employers affiliated to the French Associations of Owners of Steam and Electrical Plant (APAVE), with consideration of medical examinations and psychometric tests.
APAVE, July-Aug.-Sep. 1974, Vol.55, No.187, p.97-108.

CIS 75-638 Nobile C.A., Raimondo G., Nardone S.
Non-destructive testing in ANCC inspections of pressure vessels
I controlli non distruttivi nelle verifiche ANCC sugli apparecchi a pressione [en italiano]
Presentation of new rules for welding in boiler and pressure vessel construction published by the ANCC (Italian National Association for Combustion Testing), to implement the Ministerial Decree of 21 Nov. 1972 to lay down standards for the construction of pressure vessels. Non-destructive tests to determine the various resistance characteristics of welded joints; criteria for the assessment of defects revealed by testing; testing on delivery; tests required for certain welded boiler parts, the stability of which depends directly on the absence of any defect. ANCC is available to carry out these tests and estimate the defects discovered.
Calore, Jan. 1974, Vol.45, No.1, p.12-20.

CIS 75-288 Labour Inspection Act
Arbeitsinspektionsgesetz 1974 (ArbIG 1974) [en alemán]
This Act of 5 Feb. 1974 lays down general rules concerning the manner in which the Austrian Labour Inspectorate performs its task of protecting workers in the course of their occupational activities. It applies to undertakings of all kinds, with some exceptions (agriculture, forestry, mines, transport, the public service, teaching, etc.). It defines the powers and duties of the Inspectorate: in-plant inspection; supervision of employees' health status; interviews, hearing of witnesses and taking of depositions; reporting of offences; injunctions; reports. Provisions concerning the organisation of the Inspectorate and collaboration with other institutions.
Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich, 12 Mar. 1974, No.47, p.983-989.


CIS 00-23 Ley de Prevención de Incendios [Guyana]
Fire Prevention Act [Guyana] [en inglés]
Ley de 1954 tal como se modificó en 1972 dirigida a prever la inspección de locales en Guayana para controlar los riesgos de incendio. Temas tratados: Guayana; inspección; ley; prevención de incendios; sanciones; servicios de incendio; verificaciones de seguridad.
Government of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana, 1973. 6p.

CIS 75-1438 Annual report of the Chief Safety Engineer for 1972/73.
A review of injury trends is followed by information on: main causes of accidents (falls of ground, haulage and transport, machinery, explosives, explosions and ignitions, fires, shafts and winding, electricity); stumbling, falling and slipping; surface accidents; accident prevention activities. Accident statistics for 1972-73 and the results of pit safety campaigns are appended in tabular form. There was an increase in the fatal accident rate per 100,000 manshifts worked to 0.13 (0.10 in 1971/72), whereas the rate for serious injuries fell from 1.07 to 0.99. The total number of injuries involving more than 3 days' absence from work increased by 5,000 to 70,000. It is stated that accidents continue to occur as a result of sub-standard pit practices and physical situations which are outmoded. Indiscipline, poor design and breaches of the regulations still play an important role.
National Coal Board, Safety Branch, Hobart House, Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7AE, United Kingdom, Nov. 1973. 26p. Illus.

CIS 75-603 Textiles - Tests of fibre ropes
Textiles - Essais des cordages. [en francés]
This standard, which conforms in general to international standard ISO 2307 on the same subject, describes, for fibre ropes of different types, a method for determining the following parameters: net mass per metre (or linear density), lay, diameter or circumference, elongation, tensile strength. Principle of the method, apparatus used, sampling, test pieces and their conditioning, procedure, expression and interpretation of results, test report. Special procedure for determining high breaking strengths.
Norme française enregistrée NF G 36-051, French Standards Association (Association française de normalisation), Tour Europe, Cedex 7, 92080 Paris-la-Défense, France, Oct. 1973. 10p. Illus.

CIS 75-527 Kreyss G.
Checking the safety of overhead travelling cranes used for transporting molten materials
Contrôle de la sécurité des ponts roulants servant au transport des masses incandescentes. [en francés]
French translation of: Sicherheitstechnische Überwachung von Kranen für den Transport feuerflüssiger Massen. Moderne Unfallverhütung, Essen, Germany (Fed.Rep.), 1972, No.16, p.73-79. Illus. 2 ref. The German regulations at present in force are considered in the German smelting and refining industry as only basic. To supplement them, users require suppliers to fulfil special purchasing conditions and to carry out minute inspections. The various points that require consideration in the purchasing and inspection of overhead travelling cranes are described: electrical circuitry, qualifications of the manufacturer and quality of design, manufacturing standards, operation, ultrasonic testing, checks on maximum safe working load. Improved quality, a reduction of specific loads, more detailed inspections and more stringent testing requirements have made it possible to achieve a high level of safety on the basis of many years' experience. The author emphasises that only cranes of proven design should be used. A brief description is given of organisational procedures.
Traduction INRS 78 B-73, Institut national de recherche et de sécurité, 30 rue Olivier-Noyer, 75680 Paris Cedex 14, France, 1973. 27p. Illus. 2 ref.

CIS 74-2089 The work of the Labour Inspectorate in 1972
Die Amtstätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektorate im Jahre 1972 [en alemán]
The general report (Part A) contains details on the organisation and activity of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate, with particular references to occupational accidents and diseases occurring during the year under review. Brief description of fatal or serious cases. List of important regulations and statistical tables concerning factory inspections, accidents reported and appeals. Part B (individual reports) is devoted to: the Workers' Protection Act 1972; activity of the Committee on Accident Prevention; laser beams; dust control in the granite industry; modern forging techniques.
Verlag des Zentral-Arbeitsinspektorates, Stubenring 1, Wien I, Austria, July 1973, 125p. Illus.

CIS 74-2046 Report on the activity of the Transport Inspectorate for the year 1972
Tätigkeitsbericht des Verkehrs-Arbeitsinspektorates für das Jahr 1972 [en alemán]
Review of the activities of the Inspectorate; statistics of occupational accidents and diseases; brief descriptions of fatal accidents and typical accidents which occurred, especially in the Austrian Railways; activity in the field of safety; statistical tables showing undertakings inspected, penalties and notified accidents; statistics of accidents in the Austrian Federal Railways since 1956; special report on electrical accidents occurring between 1950 and 1970 in high-voltage electric traction installations.
Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Verkehrs-Arbeitsinspektorat, Elisabethstr. 9, 1010 Wien, Austria, 1973. 79p. Illus.

CIS 74-2001 Chéron J.
Resistance of protective gloves to industrial solvents - Results obtained with trichloroethane on 100 commercial gloves
Résistance des gants de protection aux solvants industriels - Résultats obtenus avec le trichloréthane sur une centaine de gants du commerce. [en francés]
Presents the results of tests carried out by the French National Research and Safety Institute on the deterioration of gloves by soaking them into the solvent (combined mechanical and chemical actions), permeability to the solvent and speed of solvent passage across the glove. The findings are set out in a table with a qualitative scale, graded according to how the gloves are used (prolonged contact, frequent dipping, etc.) and accompanied by advice to users.
Travail et sécurité, Oct. 1973, No.10, p.493-498. Illus.

CIS 74-1845 Directives for the periodical inspection of melting kettles
Forskrifter for periodisk tilsyn med tørsmeltere [en danés]
Advice is given for the inspection, wall-thickness calculation and repair of dry melting kettles with a built-in agitator and steam piping or jacket subjected to pressures exceeding atmospheric pressure. Subjects dealt with include: visual inspection; ultrasonic testing; hydraulic testing; calculation of wall thickness of kettle and jacket parts; reduction of working pressure in the event of deterioration; repairs (replacement of parts, welding, etc.); approval of drawings and calculations for repair work.
Publikation nr.40, Directorate of Labour Inspection (Direktoratet for Arbejdstilsynet), Upsalagade 20, 2100 København Ø, Denmark, 1973. 16p. Illus. Gratis.

CIS 74-1085 Standard for identification of air-purifying respirator canisters and cartridges.
This standard establishes a system for the marking of air-purifying canisters and cartridges for use in respiratory protective equipment. The primary means of identification shall be properly-worded labels, supplemented by an identifying colour or colours. A list is given of atmospheric contaminants against which canisters or cartridges may give protection; an identifying colour is given for each contaminant. The standard wording that should appear on each canister or cartridge label is reproduced.
ANSI K13.1-1973, American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10018, USA, 21 Feb. 1973. 7p. 2 ref. Price: US-$3.00.

CIS 74-515 Hellwig H.
Workshops for the servicing, maintenance and testing of respiratory protective equipment
Die Atemschutzwerkstatt [en alemán]
Considerations and principles concerning the design, construction and equipment of these workshops.
Sicherheitsingenieur, Aug. 1973, Vol.4, No.8, p.370-373. Illus.

CIS 74-442
Home Office, London.
Report of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Explosives for the year ended 31st December 1972
The report is divided into 6 sections dealing with: general activities; explosives; compressed gases, liquefied gases or gases dissolved under pressure; petroleum spirit and other flammable substances; oxidising substances (and organic peroxides) and toxic substances; corrosive substances. Some of the major accidents which occurred in each category are described and safety measures discussed. Statistical tables on visits, reported accidents (explosives, fireworks, petroleum spirit and petroleum mixtures, corrosive substances); summary of chemical and experimental work; lists of committees and legislation on dangerous substances are given in appendices.
HC 433 (1972-1973), H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London S.E.1, United Kingdom, 1973. 50 p. Price: £0.365.

CIS 74-340
Bekanntmachung, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung), Bonn, 25 June 1973.
Technical rules on compressed gases
Technische Regeln Druckgase (TRG) [en alemán]
Text of the technical rules (June 1973 edition) entered into force on 1 Feb. 1974: TRG 300 - Disposable containers (design, characteristics and storage of compressed-gas tins and cartridges); TRG 403 - Filling plant for disposable containers.
Arbeitsschutz, July-Aug. 1973, No.7-8, p.319-322.

CIS 74-338 Rost E., Gesatzke R.
Reducing valves in gas welding - Safe working rules and test method
Flaschendruckminderer in der Autogentechnik - Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen und Methode der Prüfung [en alemán]
Recalls the regulations in force in the Federal Republic of Germany. Construction and operation of reducing valves. The standard testing method described comprises the examination of a documented application file submitted (comparison with standards, checking of materials used) and technical tests (resistance to explosions, tightness, operation of safety valve, etc.). The considerable reduction in the number of accidents reported over recent years is attributed to the improvement in testing methods.
Arbeitsschutz, July-Aug. 1973, No.7-8, p.289-295. Illus. 11 ref.

CIS 74-294 Act No.1438 of 30 June 1973 to entrust the Bulgarian trade unions with the supervision of occupational safety and health
Zakon za predostavjane na Bălgarskite profesionalni săjuzi kontrola po ohranata na truda [en búlgaro]
Repeals the Act of 30 June 1966 to establish a labour inspectorate under the Council of Ministers and entrusts the Central Council of the Bulgarian Trade Unions with the integral supervision of occupational safety and health.
Dăržaven vestnik, 6 July 1973, No.53, p.5.

CIS 74-193 Chéron J.
Resistance of protective gloves to industrial solvents - Results obtained with perchloroethylene on 100 commercial gloves
Résistance des gants de protection aux solvants industriels - Résultats obtenus avec le perchloréthylène sur une centaine de gants du commerce. [en francés]
These tests, conducted by the French National Research and Safety Institute, are the first in a series intended to test the resistance of gloves to 10 solvents (trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethane, toluene, white spirit, cyclohexane, acetone, methylethylketone, ethyl acetate, ethanol). There were 3 types of test: destruction by soaking, permeability to solvent, and measurements of speed of solvent passage across the glove. Results are tabulated.
Travail et sécurité, June 1973, No.6, p.349-352. Illus.

CIS 74-111 Damongeot A., Lataye R., Tisserand M., Krawsky G.
Efficiency and comfort of personal hearing protectors
Efficacité et confort des protecteurs individuels contre le bruit. [en francés]
Results of tests carried out (for determining both comfort and efficiency) by the French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS) on 60 commercial models, and criteria for the choice of ear protectors in terms of noise characteristics and environmental requirements (protection against impact, speech communication). A selection of 12 ear protectors (1 helmet, 5 earmuffs, 6 earplugs) is presented in the form of diagrammatic data sheets.
Travail et sécurité, Sep. 1973, No.9, p.434-450. Illus. 2 ref.

CIS 74-15 Beilicke G.
Sprinklers - Their importance, incorporation into building structures and testing
Sprinklerbrausen - ihre Bedeutung, ihre bauliche Einordnung und ihre Prüfung [en alemán]
Advice on how to install sprinklers according to geometric and functional criteria and following safety principles. Application to warehouses where palletised goods are stored. Criteria of differentiation between various sprinkler systems. Much space is devoted to the question of testing.
Unser Brandschutz, wissenschaftlich-technische Beilage 2/1973, p.19-29. Illus. 30 ref.


CIS 92-375 Ordinance on Examination of Machines and Other Equipment [Japan]
English translation of the Ordinance of 30 Sep. 1972, as amended until 1988. It contains the individual and model (i.e. type) examination requirements of machinery imposed on the manufacturer and/or importer.
In: Industrial Safety and Health Law and related legislation of Japan, Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, 5-35-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108 Japan, 1991, p.809-837.

CIS 92-357 Ordinance on Authorized Inspection Agencies, etc. [Japan]
English translation of the Ordinance of 30 Sep. 1972, as amended until 1989. It describes the scope of authority, application mechanisms, requirements and qualifications required for different kinds of inspection agencies and their personnel: authorised inspection agencies, authorised individual examination agencies, model authorised examination agencies, registered inspection agencies, designated testing institutions, and designated training institutions.
In: Industrial Safety and Health Law and related legislation of Japan, Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, 5-35-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108 Japan, 1991, p.772-808.

CIS 75-1194
Ministry of Employment and Labour (Ministère de l'Emploi et du Travail), Bruxelles.
Labour Inspection Act
Wet betreffende de arbeidsinspectie [en holandés]
Loi concernant l'inspection du travail. [en francés]
This Act dated 16 Nov. 1972, which entered into force on 8 Dec. 1972, lays down prescriptions concerning the right of labour inspectors to enter premises where there is reason to suspect a breach of the laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health. Inspectors are also empowered to order adequate steps to be taken to remedy hazardous plant, plant layout or working methods and alterations to installations and equipment; they are also authorised to prohibit the use of certain machinery, to restrict or forbid access to specified premises, etc.
Moniteur belge - Belgisch Staatsblad, 8 Dec. 1972, Vol.142, No.236, p.13647-13648. Translation (in English, Spanish) published in Legislative Series, 1972-Bel.1, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland.

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