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CIS 86-361 Lang J., François P., Eggink E., Heinrich H., Kracht L., Irmer V.
Indication of the noise emission of machines and equipment
Die Kennzeichnung der Geräuschabgabe von Maschinen und Geräten [en alemán]
Papers presented at a seminar of the Austrian Working Group for Noise Control (Vienna, Nov. 1984): the situations in Austria (labelling of machines emitting 80dB(A), measuring techniques); France (trends in regulation, measuring methods and equipment, construction equipment); the Netherlands (regulation, emission limits, declaration of noise emission); the German Democratic Republic (regulation, measuring methods, monitoring of noise emission); and the Federal Republic of Germany (regulation, trends).
E und M, Nov. 1985, Vol.102, No.11, p.445-474. Illus.

CIS 86-597 Tuppurainen M., Kurppa K.
Proceedings of the first ILO-Finish-Tanzanian symposium on occupational health
Aspects covered in this symposium held 8-10 Oct. 1984 in Marangu, Moshi, Tanzania under the sponsorship of the ILO, the Tanzanian Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development, and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health: industrial hygiene problems in Tanzania (textiles, agriculture, pesticides); activities of the Tanzanian factories inspectorate; worker and employer roles in OHS; OHS education in medical schools; review of the ILO-Finnaid project "Strengthening the Factories Inspectorate" in Tanzania which was launched in 1983.
Institute of Occupational Health, Haartmaninkatu 1, 00290 Helsinki 29, Finland, 1985, 340p. 115 ref.

CIS 86-287 Labour inspection: general survey by the Committee of Experts on the application of Conventions and Recommendations
L'inspection du travail: étude d'ensemble de la Commission d'experts pour l'application des conventions et recommandations [en francés]
This survey of the practices of labour inspectorates worldwide, and of legislation relating to them, covers: objectives, methods, scope and role of labour inspectorates; role of the labour inspectorate; organisation of labour inspection services and their staff; powers and obligations of labour inspectors; means of action available to them (including legal proceedings and penalties); reports from labour inspection services; the role of employers' and workers' organisations in inspection; difficulties and prospects of ratification of ILO Conventions by member states; conclusions. Appendices contain: dates of ratification by ILO members of Convention No.81 (Labour Inspection) and of Convention No.129 (relating to inspection in agriculture); reports on various relevant Conventions and Recommendations, submitted by various member countries; and a sample form of a recommended annual general report of a Labour Inspection Service.
International Labour Office, 1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland, 1985. 186p. Bibl. Price: SF.25.00.

CIS 85-1798 Granda A., Cabrera J.
Estado actual de la salud ocupacional en Cuba
Description of the operations and evaluation of occupational health services in Cuba (training of personnel, labour inspection, medical services, creation of the Institute of Occupational Medicine, planned developments).
Boletín de medicina del trabajo, Jan.-Apr. 1985, Vol.1, No.1, p.5-16.


CIS 94-411 Decree No.20/84 (21 Sep.), replacing the National Directorate of Labour and Inspection Matters with the National Directorate of Labour Inspection, and establishing the charter of this institution [Angola]
Dec. n°20/84: Extingue a Direcção Nacional dos Assuntos Laborais e Inspecção e cria, em sua substituição, a Direcção Nacional de Inspecção do Trabalho, aprovando o respectivo diploma orgânico [en portugués]
This Decree establishes a labour inspectorate for Angola within the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. It sets up the internal organization of the inspectorate, and defines the role and powers of the inspectorate and of labour inspectors.
In: Colectânea de Legislação do Trabalho, Centro de Documentação e Informação, Administração Pública e Segurança Social, Ministério do Trabalho, Luanda, Angola, 1991, p.112-119.

CIS 88-1777 Agricultural tractors. Type inspection for safety. Test methods and requirements [Finland]
Maataloustraktoreiden koetusohjelma [en finlandés]
The test methods for the mandatory type approval according to the safety regulations for tractors (CIS 88-1778) are described. Testing of cab roof and safety frame strength, measurement of noise, vibration, heating device, defroster, visibility and strength of hitch hook is done by VAKOLA (State Research Institute of Engineering in Agriculture and Forestry). References to International Standards.
National Board of Labour Protection, Box 536, 33101 Tampere, Finland, Apr. 1984. 11p. Illus. 15 ref.

CIS 88-13 Regulation of labour inspection [Macao]
Regulamento de inspecção do trabalho [en portugués]
Regulation of the recruitment, training, rights and obligations of labour inspectors in Macao.
In: Legislação Macau, Gabinete para os Assuntos de Trabalho, Macao, 1987, p.43-72.

CIS 87-1241 Elgstrand K.
Training of labour inspectors in Sweden
Description of a basic and refresher training course for labour inspectors in Sweden, including: tasks and organisation of the Labour Inspectorate; specialist course for labour inspectors; further and refresher training on ventilation, ergonomics, mental and social aspects of the work environment, noise, investigation of occupational injuries, risks and precautions in automatically controlled jobs, dust sampling, vibration, in-service teacher training, production of visual teaching aids, conferences for training and press officers.
Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Health, 171 84 Solna, Sweden, 1984. 28p. 2 ref.

CIS 87-876 Takala J., Koivunen H.
African Regional Labour Administration Centre
Regional up-grading course for factory inspectors
Collection of course materials, lectures, exercises, and a video tape of the 5th Regional Up-grading Course for Factory Inspectors in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya (21 Nov.-7 Dec. 1983). Coverage: occupational safety and health in Africa; objectives, teaching methods and material and a questionnaire; occupational health, hygiene and safety; exercises including role playing and noise; course evaluation.
National Board of Labour Protection, Tampere, Finland, 1984. 247p. Illus.

CIS 87-1067 Acoustics - Noise labelling of machinery and equipment
Acoustique - Etiquetage du bruit des équipements et des machines [en francés]
This international standard prescribes a manner in which the noise emission of machinery and equipment (essentially stationary) shall be expressed for labelling purposes, and prescribes the minimum information to be given in a label attached to the machine or in documents supplied to the user. Scope and field of application, references, definitions, determination of the labelled value (A-weighted sound power level, information to be considered when determining the labelled value), labelling.
International Organization of Standardization, Case postale 56, 1211 Genève 20, Switzerland, 1 Aug. 1984. 5p. Illus. 12 ref.

CIS 86-940
(Staatliches Amt für technische Überwachung)
Stores for liquefied gases with stationary tanks [German Democratic Republic]
Lager für verflüssigte Gase mit ortsfesten Behältern [en alemán]
The 1st part of this standard (effective 1 Oct. 1984) contains definitions, safety requirements applicable to storage areas for liquefied gases with different properties, to pump and compressor houses, to the protection of structures and to the maintenance of safe distances. The 2nd part contains requirements concerning the behaviour of workers (in accordance with safety rules in general and fire-safety rules in particular), storage operations, inspection and testing of storage installations before and during operation, as well as documentation.
Verlag für Standardisierung, Standardversand, Postfach 1068, 7010 Leipzig, German Democratic Republic, July 1984. 14 + 6p.

CIS 86-938 Pressure vessels
Tryckkärl [en sueco]
This is an amended version of the ordinance originally issued as AFS 1982:11, which became effective 1 July 1983. The amendments took effect 1 July 1985. Chapters cover: definitions; general provisions (safety of design, construction and installation); special provisions for equipment and installations subject to regular inspection; type testing, inspection and checks made by users; approval; permits for welding and heat treatment; special provisions concerning welded tanks; entry into force and interim provisions. In appendices: tables of vessels and piping exempt from some or all of the provisions of the ordinance, and of vessels considered to be particularly hazardous; standards and other regulations applicable to inspection or testing by the user. English translations of the original ordinance and of the amendments may be obtained from Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Publikationsservice, 171 84 Solna, Sweden.
LiberDistribution, 162 89 Stockholm, Sweden, 13 Dec. 1984. 34p.

CIS 85-1783 Turkey - Labour Act, as amended up to 29 July 1983. No.1475. Dated 25 August 1971
Turquie - Loi n°1475 du 25 août 1971 sur le travail, dans sa teneur modifiée au 29 juillet 1983 [en francés]
Chapter 4 of this law deals with the organisation of work (hours of work; night work; underground work; work by pregnant women). Chapter 5 deals with workers' health and safety. New measures include aspects of: OSH conditions (obligations of employers and workers); the composition of OSH committees; the prohibition of alcohol and narcotics; medical certificates in arduous and dangerous work and for workers less than 18 years old. Chapter 7 deals with the supervision and inspection of working conditions.
ILO Legislative Series, 1984, No.3, p.41-70.

CIS 85-307
Cranes - Examinations and tests
Hijskranen - Onderzoekingen en beproevingen [en holandés]
Contents of this directive: definitions; scope; examination and testing; experts; logbooks for recording of results; obligations of owners; application and coordination of official regulations; reproductions of applicable sections of the law; summary of relevant Dutch standards.
Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid, Postbus 69, 2270 MA Voorburg, Netherlands, 1984. 12p. Price: Glds.0.50.

CIS 85-589 Activity of the Labour Inspectorate in 1983
Die Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektion im Jahre 1983 [en alemán]
This issue is devoted in its entirety to the annual report of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate. Contents: survey of activity and occupational accidents and diseases during 1983 (102,538 visits to 100,125 enterprises, 110,498 infractions of technical and hygienic regulations, 102,022 accidents, 1032 cases of occupational disease - hearing damage being the most common); description of particularly serious or interesting cases; examples of protective measures. List of national laws and regulations, and of ILO conventions relevant to labour inspection. Organisation and staff of the Austrian inspectorate. Statistics on inspection visits to enterprises and construction sites. Activity of medical inspectors, reported accidents and work-stoppage orders issued by the Inspectorate, by industrial sector.
Amtliche Nachrichten des Bundesministeriums für soziale Verwaltung und des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit und Umweltschutz, 30 Nov. 1984, Vol.40, No.11, p.537-633. Illus.

CIS 85-594 Order 1010/1984 (31 March) of the Council of Ministers regarding the administration and supervision of labour protection by the central government
A Minisztertanács 1010/1984 (III.31.) számú határozata a munkavédelem állami irányításáról és ellenőrzéséről [en húngaro]
Official text of the order establishing a National Labour Protection Inspectorate for Hungary, describing the scope of its activities and listing its members. Effective date: July 1984.
Magyar Közlöny, 1984, No.13, p.218-220.

CIS 85-552 Mendeloff J.
The role of OSHA violations in serious workplace accidents
California accident investigations for 1976 show that violations of the OSHA safety standards were a contributing factor in 13-19% of 645 deaths reported. A panel of safety engineers judged that 50% of these violations could have been detected if an inspector had visited the day before the accident. Potential gains from stronger enforcement of current standards are limited but not insignificant. The likelihood that a violation contributed to a serious accident varied among accident types, industries and size classes of plants. Better targeting of inspections and accident investigations, more intelligent assessment of which violations should be penalised most heavily, and the provision of information to employers and workers about which violations are most consequential, are recommended.
Journal of Occupational Medicine, May 1984, Vol.26, No.5, p.353-360. 8 ref.

CIS 84-1517
(Handels- och industriministeriet)
Order relating to compliance tests and inspection of electrical equipment
Beslut om förhandsbesiktning och övervakning av elmateriel [en sueco]
This order (effective: 1 July 1984) prescribes that all electrical equipment sold in or imported into Finland must be compliance tested and approved by the Finnish Electrical Equipment Inspection Centre.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 8 Mar. 1984, No.234, p.481-483.

CIS 84-1492
(Handels- och industriministeriet)
Law on the Technical Inspection Centre
Lag om tekniska kontrollcentralen [en sueco]
This law (entry into force: 1 Feb. 1984) repeals and replaces the law of 7 Feb. 1975 on technical inspection. It defines the tasks of the new centre (inspection of pressure vessels, dangerous substances and products, firearms and explosives, testing and monitoring), its administration, its services and powers.
Suomen asetuskokoelma - Finlands författningssamling, 20 Jan. 1984, No.65, p.174-175.


CIS 88-146 Petrovic L.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Reading materials on occupational health and hygiene
Lecture notes (typewritten) for a joint UNDP/ILO (PIACT) training course for occupational safety and health inspectors held in Jakarta (Indonesia), Apr. - Sep. 1983. The course covered: workers' rehabilitation; industrial dust; work in hot environments; illumination; radiation; noise and vibration; toxicology; skin diseases; zoonoses; ventilation; accidents, their cost and their prevention; environmental sanitation (water, food, insects, pesticides); personal protective devices; factory inspection; pre-employment and periodical health examinations; TLVs; non-ionising radiation; lifting and hoisting, backpain; occupational health management; environmental hazards.
International Labour Organisation, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland, 1983. 2 vol. (Vol.1: 210p., Vol.2: 241p.). Illus. Bibl.

CIS 84-2091
Health and Safety Executive
Manufacturing and service industries. 1982 report
This 1982 report of the United Kingdom Factory Inspectorate for the manufacturing and service industries covers: standards; occupational health; fire and explosion; transport; noise; maintenance; digital programmable electronic systems; national industry groups; explosives inspectorate; statistical tables.
H.M. Stationery Office, 49 High Holborn, London WC1V 6HB, United Kingdom, 1983. 77p. Illus. Price: £5.75.

CIS 84-1158 Circular No.DRT 21-82 of 13 Dec. 1982 on the conditions under which labour inspectors can intervene during the alternating training followed by young people between the ages of 16 and 18
Circulaire n°DRT 21-82 du 13 déc. 1982 relative aux conditions d'intervention des inspecteurs du travail dans le cadre des actions de formation alternées entreprises par les jeunes de 16 à 18 ans [en francés]
This circular defines the conditions under which labour inspectors can investigate cases of young people working with dangerous machinery during their apprenticeship; special permissions for such work.
Bulletin officiel du Ministère du travail, 19 Mar. 1983, No.83/8, text 11869. 2p.

CIS 84-1192 Huber E.
Requirements for the measurement of physical quantities done in order to achieve higher efficiency in the activity of labour inspectorates
Die Erfordernisse der Messung physikalischer Grössen zur besseren Effizienz der Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektorate [en alemán]
Considering the importance of measuring physical quantities during labour inspection, this article sets up basic rules to follow in the use of physical quantities and of their standardised units, followed by a table of quantities and units prescribed by law. Other subjects treated: measurement errors and calculation of error, practical advice on the determination of permanent characteristics (e.g. random measurements for determining noise levels, microclimate measurements) and on the identification of electromagnetic radiation.
Die Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektion im Jahre 1982, Verlag des Zentral-Arbeitsinspektorates, Wien, Austria, 1983, p.109-121. Illus. 14 ref.

CIS 84-594 Activities of the Labour Inspectorate in 1982
Die Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektion im Jahre 1982 [en alemán]
This issue is completely devoted to a report on the activities of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate. Details of these activities refer particularly to the occupational accidents and diseases recorded in 1982 (104,783 inspections of 101,951 enterprises, 128,096 violations of technical or health regulations, 111,539 accidents, 1,048 cases of occupational disease, with noise-related hearing defects predominating). The report then describes a number of especially serious or interesting cases, and gives examples of protective measures taken. National regulations and international (ILO) conventions bearing on labour inspection are listed. The organisation and personnel of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate are given. Statistics on the inspection of businesses and construction sites, descriptions of the activities of medical inspectors, of the reported accidents and of the actions taken by the Labour Inspectorate are presented for each industrial sector.
Amtliche Nachrichten des Bundesministeriums für soziale Verwaltung und des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit und Umweltschutz, 30 Nov. 1983, Vol.39, No.11, p.497-593. Illus.

CIS 84-588 Annual report of the Labour Inspectorate - 1982
Jaarverslag Arbeidsinspectie 1982 [en holandés]
Contents: introduction and generalities (activities of the Labour Inspectorate, application of the working conditions law of 8 Nov. 1980, new legislation in 1982); administration (office automation, internal and external dissemination of information, work of the Service Committee (Dienstcommissie) and Special Committee (Bijzondere Commissie)); safety (in industry, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, nuclear energy and electric utilities; inspection, reporting and working conditions); health; social concerns (work and rest cycles, reduced working hours, advice on social matters to enterprises, young workers, female workers). The data on which the text is based are presented in 53 pages of tables and graphs.
Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid, Stafafdeling Externe Betrekkingen, Zeestraat 73, Den Haag, Netherlands, 1983. 193p. Illus.

CIS 83-1795 Report on the activities of the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health and of the Labour Inspectorate - 1982
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen och Yrkesinspektionen 1982 - Verksamhetsberättelse [en sueco]
Contributions on: New techniques - but the problems remain the same (Danielson G.); New directives published - and old ones reactivated - during the year (Westlin A.); The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in scientific research (Åstrand I.); Making labour inspection more efficient by using information (Henschen L.D.); A major research project studying work in front of CRT screens (Knave B.); New Swedish regulation concerning pressure vessels (Eriksson K.); New directives on working hours (Weigelt U.); The work of the regional delegate for OSH (Leymann H.). In addition, a list of publications during 1982; organisational structures of OSH bodies in Sweden; activity report and statistical tables relating to labour inspection.
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Publikationsservice, 171 84 Solna, Sweden, 1983. 40p. Illus. Gratis.

CIS 83-1790
Health and Safety Executive
Her Majesty's Inspectors of Factories, 1833-1983 - Essays to commemorate 150 years of health and safety inspection
A well-documented history of the Factory Inspectorate, enforcing safety and hygiene regulations in industry in the United Kingdom since 1833. Particular attention is paid to: Leonard Horner (famous first inspector, 1833-1859), early triumphs of the Inspectorate (reduction in the working hours of children, dealing with silica and lead poisoning), problems faced today (asbestos, factory explosions, radio frequency risk associated with high-power radio transmitters), relations with other organisations (colonial governments, labour unions, the ILO). An extensive historical bibliography is attached separately.
Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 49 High Holborn, London WC1V 6HB, United Kingdom, 1983. 75p. Illus. Bibl. £5.00.

CIS 83-882
Health and Safety Executive
Plan of work 1983-84 and onwards
Proposals relates to: compliance, advice, inspection, enforcement and safety assessment programmes; research, laboratory services, testing and assessment; information; international work. The legal framework, initial integrity of articles and equipment, and future development are discussed. Appendix: work on regulations and associated approved codes of practice and guidance notes.
Baynards House, 1 Chepstow Place, London W2 4TF, United Kingdom, 1983. 36p. Illus.


CIS 86-898 Ulfvarson U.
Recognition of work environment problems in industries in Kenya. A walk through survey
Results of an ILO-sponsored mission in 1979-1980. Forty risk factors were surveyed in 60 enterprises. The most important chemical factors were organic solvents, organic fibres other than cotton, nuisance dust, cotton fibres and skin exposure to harmful substances. The most important physical factors were physical overload, strenuous movements and working postures, noise and bad lighting. The most important miscellaneous factors were unsatisfactory personal protection, lack of changing rooms and washing and toilet facilities, and lack of knowledge about hazards. Specific summaries are given for each of the 27 industrial sectors represented. The observations provided an estimate of the amount and type of work faced by the national Factories Inspectorate.
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Publikationsservice, 171 84 Solna, Sweden, 1982. 82p. Illus. 8 ref.

CIS 85-2089 Reglamento de Inspección Federal del Trabajo
Aspects covered in this regulation: general provisions; qualifications, functions, attributes and responsibilities of labour inspectors; rules related to the carrying out of inspections; notifications of violations; sanctions in case of professional misconduct.
Diario Oficial de la Federación, 10 Nov. 1982, p.16-22.

CIS 83-1784 Grapentin M., Koch P., Leye R., Liebig J., Scherer F.K.
Occupational safety and prevention of damage in classified installations - Regulations
Arbeits- und Havarieschutz an überwachungspflichtigen Anlagen - Rechtsvorschriften [en alemán]
This 2-volume compendium of texts of regulations and standards in force in the German Democratic Republic contains extracts of the basic laws and their derived ordinances as well as full copies of instructions and standards (accompanied by commentaries) on the development, design, construction, assembly, use and maintenance of classified installations subject to labour inspection, and on the responsibilities and qualifications of specialists, management and workers.
Verlag Tribüne, Am Treptower Park 28-30, 1193 Berlin, German Democratic Republic, 1982. 2 vols. 335 and 384p. Illus. Price: M.10.00 and 12.00.

CIS 83-891 Industrial air pollution - Health and Safety 1981
This report of the HM Alkali and Clean Air Inspectorate in the United Kingdom for 1981 reviews the Inspectorate's work under 6 headings: general matters (operational statistics, complaints, infractions, notices and prosecutions, research); registered works (amines, ceramic, chemical incineration, electricity, gas and coke, iron and steel, lead works); unregistered works (non-radioactive matters, airborne radioactive emissions); commentary on the Inspectorate's series of publications on "best practicable means"; emissions from cement works - Cooperative studies; pollution by sulphur dioxide. A special section deals with the work of the HM Industrial Pollution Inspectorate for Scotland.
H.M. Stationery Office, 49 High Holborn, London WC1V 6HB, United Kingdom, 1982. 34p. Illus. 13 ref. Price:£4.00.

CIS 83-881 Annual report of the Labour Inspectorate, 1981
Årsmelding for arbeidstilsynet 1981 [en noruego]
This report gives an overall picture of the activities of the Norwegian Directorate of Labour Inspection in 1981: details on fatal accidents notified in 1981; organisation of the inspectorate; projects and activities to improve the working environment in certain industries; statistical data on inspections carried out and on reported occupational diseases (1972-1981); amendments of Norwegian labour legislation. Appended are: organisation diagram and addresses of central and district offices; administrative data; international cooperation; inspection statistics.
Direktoratet for arbeidstilsynet, Postboks 8103 Dep., Oslo 1, Norway, Sep. 1982. 27p.

CIS 83-596 The Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Health and the Labour Inspectorate in 1981 - Report of activity
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen och Yrkesinspektionen 1981 - Verksamhetsberättelse [en sueco]
Statistics concerning factory inspection and communications on: investments for improving the working environment that pay (Danielsson G.); elaboration of OSH directives (Westlin A.); solvents dominate among harmful substances (Åstrand I.); introduction into behavoural research in the working environment (Lennerlöf L.); manual lifting of loads (Kilbom Å.); risk analysis for major loss prevention (Holm L.); organisation of the inspection activity (Svensk B.). Lists of directives and reports published in 1981; organigrams.
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Publikationsservice, 171 84 Solna, Sweden, 1982. 48p. Illus. Gratis.

CIS 83-300 Annual report of the Labour Inspectorate - 1981
Jaarverslag arbeidsinspectie - l981 [en holandés]
General survey of the organisation and activities of the Netherlands Labour Inspectorate with particular reference to: legislation and its enforcement; working hours and rest breaks; reductions in working hours; occupational safety and health activities in industry, agriculture, market gardening, forestry, and the use of electricity and nuclear power; asbestos; the occupational safety return; physical factors in the work environment; approval of machines and appliances; activities in the field of medicine and hygiene; training and education on improvement of the workplace; international relations.
Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid, Postbus 69, 2270 MA Voorburg, Netherlands, Aug. 1982. 239p. Illus.

CIS 83-274
USSR State Standards Committee (Gosudarstvennyj komitet SSSR po standartam)
Recommendations for the organisation of inspections with a view to enforcing occupational safety standards
Rekommendacii ob organizacii vedomstvennogo kontrolja za vnedreniem i sobljudeniem standartov bezopasnosti truda [en ruso]
These recommendations (approved by the SSSR Central Trade Union Council on 30 Sep. 1981) establish the general framework for the organisation of inspections in plants, organisations, institutes and co-operatives societies. The ministries and authorities concerned are called upon to elaborate appropriate regulations for their sectors of the economy and to set up inspection plans. The inspections are to be carried out by commissions composed of experts from ministries, quality control boards, standartisation and OSH services, and trade union labour inspection units. Obligations of the commission chairman and rights of the commission; organisation of the inspections (items to be checked); records to be kept of inspection results; action to be taken in the event of shortcomings. A specimen inspection protocol is appended.
Izdatel'stvo standartov, Novopresnenskij per.3, 123557 Moskva, USSR, 1982. 8p. Price: Rbl.0.03.

CIS 83-298 Activities of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate in 1981
Die Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektion im Jahre 1981 [en alemán]
This issue is devoted entirely to the activities report. Following details of the work of the Labour Inspectorate, with special reference to occupational accidents and diseases (106,370 inspections in 103,400 undertakings; 141,000 infractions of technical and health regulations; 117,640 accidents, 850 cases of occupational disease, with a predominance of noise-induced hearing loss), the report describes a number of particularly serious or especially interesting cases, and gives examples of safety measures. List of national regulations and ILO conventions of particular importance in labour inspection. Statistics on plant inspections, notified accidents and injunctions issued by the Labour Inspectorate, broken down by branch of industry.
Amtliche Nachrichten des Bundesministeriums für soziale Verwaltung und des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit und Umweltschutz, 30 Sep. 1982, Vol.38, No.9, p.521-613. Illus.

CIS 82-1537
National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen)
Pressure vessels
Tryckkärl [en sueco]
These directives (effective 1 July 1983) deal with all vessels and piping under pressure or under vacuum, including machine parts containing liquids or gases under pressure. Sections cover: definitions; general rules (safety of design, construction and installation); special rules for plant subject to regular inspection requirements (specification plates, requirements to be met prior to commissioning); type testing, inspections, checks made by the user; approval testing. Appendices: vessels and piping exempt from inspection; standards and other regulations applicable to inspection and testing by the user or an external body; commentary. English translation may be obtained from Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Publikationsservice, 171 84 Solna, Sweden.
Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Publikationsservice, 171 84 Solna, Sweden, 3 June 1982. 26p. Gratis.

CIS 82-1532 Testing and control of machine safety
Essais et contrôle de sécurité des machines [en francés]
Role of approved agencies for inspecting machinery for compliance with French machinery guarding and machine safety regulations, including new provisions effective 1 Jan. 1982. Background information on the guiding principles of safety regulations for machinery; duties of employers with respect to new, second-hand and in-service machines; legislation concerning the mechanical and electrical safety of machinery.
Revue de la sécurité, Apr. 1982, Vol.18, No.189, p.28-30. Illus.

CIS 82-1147 Inspection of chemical industry plant - Basic principles
Technische inspectie van installaties in de procesindustrie - Enkele principes en achtergronden [en holandés]
Sections are devoted to: general aspects (definitions, inspection objectives, liaison with public authorities); organisation (delegation of tasks and responsibilities, qualifications of inspectors); inspections at the plant manufacturer's premises and on-site; inspection of parts and sub-assemblies; inspection of replaced parts, modifications and repairs; inspection of existing installations; inspection intervals; test methods; documents and record keeping.
Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid, Arbeidsinspectie, Postbus 69, 2270 MA Voorburg, Netherlands, Mar. 1982. 52p. 31 ref.

CIS 82-903
Netherlands Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministerie van Sociale Zaken)
Inspectorate of Dock Labour - Annual report for 1980
Inspectie van de Havenarbeid - Jaarverslag over 1980 [en holandés]
General survey of the organisation and activities of the Netherlands Inspectorate of Dock Labour, with particular reference to the enforcement and administration of the safety and health regulations, safety campaigns and vocational training. A chapter is devoted to examples of occupational accidents and their causes (descriptions of accidents involving unsafe use of web slings, crushing of a worker, unloading of automobiles and copra, hoisting appliances, fork lift trucks, use of fork lift trucks for transport of persons, stacking, dangerous substances, falling objects, falls of persons, oxygen deficiency).
Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid, Postbus 69, 2270 MA Voorburg, Netherlands, Feb. 1982. 53p.


CIS 83-46
National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
National Board inspection code - A manual for boiler and pressure vessel inspectors
This code (approved as an American National Standard: 17 June 1982) replaces the l979 edition and lays down rules of safety governing design, fabrication and inspection during construction of boilers and pressure vessels. Separate chapters are devoted to: inspection of boiler and pressure vessels: repairs and alterations to boilers and pressure vessels by welding; shop inspection of boilers and pressure vessels; in-service inspection of pressure vessels by authorised owner-user inspection agencies; in-service inspection of nuclear power plant components.
1055 Crupper Avenue, Columbus, OH 43229, USA, 1981. 229p. Illus.

CIS 82-1774 Norseth T.
Perspectives in the management of carcinogenic risk in Norway
There is currently no official policy on the management of carcinogenic risks in Norway. Major principles are laid down in the Working Environment Act and the Product Control Act. The Directorate of Labour Inspection publishes a list of acceptable limits for airborne contaminants, in which carcinogens are specifically identified. In a proposed classification, Class I substances include documented carcinogens and Class II suspected carcinogens. An Advisory Committee for Work with Carcinogenic Substances has been set up; its terms of reference and activities are briefly described. The Cancer Registry provides for epidemiological studies, case reference studies and linking of past and present workers in specific factories with cancer incidence.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 30 Apr. 1981, Vol.363, p.247-253. 4 ref.

CIS 82-1514
Health and Safety Executive
Test and approval of explosives for use in coal mines
Conditions imposed by the Coal Mines (Explosives) Regulations 1961 (CIS 61-1840); groups of permitted explosives (Health and Safety Executive list); conditions of approval; explosives samples for test; nature of tests and approvals; experimental shots; priming, loading and stemming.
H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London SE1 9NH, United Kingdom, Mar. 1981. 6p.

CIS 82-1165
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Finnish-Kenyan Symposium on Occupational Health and Hygiene - An example of activities in developing countries
Proceedings of a Symposium organised by the Kenyan Ministry of Labour, the Kenyan Factories Inspectorate and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health with the ILO under the ILO Project for strengthening of the Factories Inspectorate. The papers presented deal with: the development of activities of the specialised branches on the Kenyan Factories Inspectorate; evaluation of the health of a sample of workers exposed to lead in the car battery industry - manufacturing, servicing, repairing, scrap collecting and lead recovery; exposure to free silica dust - an industrial hygiene survey in a diatomite works; the collaborative policy of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in African countries; plans for future joint Finnish-Kenyan safety and health activities; work planned for a mobile occupational health screening unit donated to Kenya by Finland.
Työterveyslaitos, Haartmaninkatu 1, 00290 Helsinki 29, Finland, 10 Feb. 1981. 82p.

CIS 82-603
Health and Safety Executive
Construction hoists
This note gives guidance on the maintenance, inspection, testing and examination of construction hoists which are subject to the requirements of the Construction (Lifting Operations) Regulations 1961. General recommendations; legal requirements, with reference to sections of the 1961 regulations; tests and examination (suspension ropes; wear and age; broken wires; lubrication; safety devices; overspeed governor, arrest gear; degree and method of testing (after manufacture, substantial alteration or repair, or after height of travel has been altered; periodic examination; safety precautions when testing)); maintenance and inspection; test records; source of further information.
HM Stationery Office, P.O. Box 539, London SE1 9NH, United Kingdom, Aug. 1981. 4p. Price: £0.50.

CIS 82-894 Annual report of the Labour Inspectorate, 1980
Årsmelding fra Arbeidstilsynet 1980 [en noruego]
This report, containing several statistical tables, gives an overall picture of the activities of the Norwegian Directorate of Labour Inspection in 1980: competence and organisation of this body; projects and activities to improve the working environment in certain industries; statistical data on inspections carried out and on reported occupational diseases (1971-1980); amendments of Norwegian occupational safety and health legislation; work of the legal department; international cooperation.
Direktoratet for arbeidstilsynet, Postboks 8103 Dep., Oslo 1, Norway, Nov. 1981. 26p. Illus.

CIS 82-889 The activity of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate in 1980
Die Tätigkeit der Arbeitsinspektion im Jahre 1980 [en alemán]
This issue is entirely devoted to the work-in-progress report. Following details of the activity of the Inspectorate, with special reference to occupational accidents and diseases (108,000 inspections in 105,000 undertakings, 151,000 offences; the most frequent occupational disease was hearing damage due to noise), the report describes some cases of particular interest or severity, and cites examples of preventive measures. List of national regulations and ILO Conventions of particular concern to labour inspection organisation and staff of the Inspectorate. Statistical data on factory inspections, reported accidents and diseases, and inspectors' injunctions, with breakdown by industrial sector.
Amtliche Nachrichten des Bundesministeriums für soziale Verwaltung und des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit und Umweltschutz, 30 Nov. 1981, Vol.37, No.11, p.617-709.

CIS 82-594
Health and Safety Executive
Health and Safety Commission Report 1980-1981
Annual reports of the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). HSE report: development of health and safety policies; health and safety hazards (control of substances hazardous to health; health surveillance by routine procedures; asbestos; man-made mineral fibres; lead; noise; dangerous pathogens; notification of accidents and dangerous occurrences; manual handling; safety signs; conveyance of dangerous substances by road; classification, packaging and labelling of dangerous substances; safety officers, representatives and committees aboard ship; relations with the ILO); advisory committees on dangerous substances, major hazards, safety of nuclear installations, toxic substances, medical questions, agriculture, ceramics, construction industry, foundries, oil, paper and board, printing, railways and mines. HSE report: work of the inspectorates (factories, explosives, mines and quarries, nuclear installations, industrial air pollution, railways, agriculture, offshore oil and gas); work of the Employment Medical Advisory (EMAS); research. Appendices: HSE publications, regulations and codes of practice.
H.M. Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London SE1 9NH, United Kingdom, 1981. 58p. Bibl. Price:£3.50.

CIS 82-305
Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid)
Annual report of the Inspectorate of Dock Labour, 1979
Inspectie van de Havenarbeid - Jaarverslag over 1979 [en holandés]
Survey of the organisation and activities of the Netherlands Inspectorate of Dock Labour, with particular reference to the enforcement and administration of occupational safety and health regulations, safety campaigns, vocational training and social welfare. The last chapter is devoted to occupational accidents and their causes (descriptions of accidents involving: containers, lifting equipment in bad condition, cranes, ladders and trapdoors, hatches, pallets, railway-truck shunting, fork-lift trucks, safety helmets, safety shoes, lack of attention, inadequate lighting, commuting, temporary replacement workers, slinging of loads, unsafe stowing of cargo, unsafe working methods).
Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid, Postbus 69, Voorburg, Netherlands, Sep. 1981. 39p. Illus.

CIS 82-316 Inspection, testing and maintenance of sprinkler systems
This standard was approved as an American National Standard on 13 July 1981. Chapters are devoted to: general information; water supplies; water flow alarm devices; automatic sprinklers; replacement and testing programmes; sprinkler system components; flushing (types of obstruction material, precautions, dry-pipe and wet systems, etc.); impairments; fire records.
National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, Massachusetts 02269, USA, 13 July 1981. 58p. Illus. 21 ref. Price: US-$.7.50.

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