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  • Occupational health services


CIS 77-1794
Ministry of Labour (Ministério do Trabalho), Brasília.
Regulation No.3460 of 31 December 1975
Portaria No.3460 de 31 de dezembro 1975 [en portugués]
This Regulation (entry into force: 1 Jan. 1976) requires every undertaking employing more than 100 workers to organise and establish in-plant industrial safety and occupational medical services, staffed by trained personnel on the company's payroll. Provisions concerning: degree of occupational hazard in the undertaking (based on the employment accident insurance contribution scale); number of personnel in the medical service according to the size of the undertaking; medical staff to be available at all times during shift work; special provisions concerning building construction and civil engineering worksites; qualifications of staff of the in-plant services covered by the Regulation (safety engineers; industrial physicians, industrial safety supervisors, occupational health nurses and auxiliaries); duties of the industrial safety service (study of in-plant noise, lighting, ventilation, heat conditions, vibration, toxic substances, etc.; drafting safety rules; health engineering; personal protective equipment; accident register; accident prevention; fire fighting and rescue activities, etc.); duties of the medical service (health surveillance, fatigue, absenteeism, prophylaxis, occupational health campaigns, information and training, first aid, etc.).
Diário Oficial, 31 Dec. 1975, Vol.113, No.250, p.17332-17336. (English, French and Spanish translations published in Legislative Series, 1975-Bra.1, International Labour Office, 1211 Genève 22, Switzerland).


CIS 76-2063
Ministry of Labour (Ministério do Trabalho), Brasília.
Regulation No.3442 of 23 December 1974
Portaria No.3442 de 23 de dezembro de 1974 [en portugués]
This regulation fixes 1 Jan. 1976 as the appointed date for the integral entry into force of Regulation No.3237 of 27 July 1972 (amended on 2 Apr. 1973 (CIS 74-0263). It contains provisions concerning occupational safety and health courses for safety engineers and safety officers, plant physicians and specialists in occupational medicine, occupational safety and health inspectors and assistant inspectors and staff of occupational health treatment centres. It specifies that the CIS National Centre in Brasil, Fundação Centro Nacional de Segurança, Higiene e Medicina do Trabalho, São Paulo, may enter into agreements with universities and other institutes to provide such courses.
Diário Oficial, 30 Dec. 1974, Vol.112, No.250, p.15167-15168.


CIS 74-263 Regulation No.3237 of 27 July 1972 - Occupational safety and health services
Portaria No.3237 de 27 de julho de 1972 - Serviço especializado em segurança, higiene e medicina do trabalho [en portugués]
These regulations, which entered into force on 2 Aug. 1972, require the compulsory establishment of in-plant safety and health services. A minimum staff of specialised personnel is fixed according to the degree of hazard and the number of employees. Required qualifications for safety engineers, industrial physicians, safety inspectors and industrial nurses are defined. The regulations also specify the duties and responsibilities of in-plant safety services and health services. These services must be operational by 1 Jan. 1975.
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, National Department of Occupational Safety and Health (Ministério federal do trabalho e previdência social, Departamento nacional de segurança e higiene do trabalho), Brasília. Diário oficial, Brasília, Brazil, 2 Aug. 1972, Vol.110, No.146, p.6877-6879.