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CIS 91-1420 Regulation No.01 of 28 May 1991, modifying Annex No.12 of Standard No.15 concerning "Permissible levels for mineral dust" - Asbestos [Brazil]
Portaria n°01, de 28 de Maio de 1991 - altera o Anexo n°12, da Norma Regulamentadora n°15, qui institui os "Limites de tolerância para poeiras minerais" - Asbestos [en portugués]
This regulation applies to all activities during which workers are occupationally exposed to asbestos. Summary: definitions; responsibilities of employers regarding the protection of workers against asbestos exposure; prohibition of amphiboles and exemptions; prohibition of spraying of asbestos; prohibition of the employment of minors (less than 18 years old) where there is a possibility of asbestos exposure; notification requirements; sampling requirements; establishment of permissible levels (respirable fibres of chrysotile: 2.0 fibres/cm3); supply of work clothing in workplaces where fibres are present; waste removal; periodic medical examinations; information and training of workers.
Diário Oficial, 29 May 1991, Vol.129, No.102, sect.1, p.10191-10193. Illus.