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CIS 81-719
US Department of Transportation, Materials Transportation Bureau
Identification numbers, hazardous wastes, hazardous substances, international descriptions, improved descriptions, forbidden materials, and organic peroxides.
These regulations dated 7 May 1980 (effective 20 Nov. 1980) prescribe a numerical identification system for hazardous materials in transport for commercial purposes and issue rules for the transportation of hazardous wastes and for identification of, and discharge notifications for, hazardous substances. They also list prohibited materials, standardise labelling for organic peroxides, and provide for optional use of United Nations shipping descriptions. Synoptic table (57p.) of hazardous materials, with hazard class, identification number, labelling and packaging requirements, minimum net quantity in one package; air, road, rail and ship transport requirements. Optional hazardous materials table (36p.) for shipping, with IMCO class, UN number, packaging group, and vessel stowage requirements (cargo or passenger vessel). Appendix: cross-reference index (product name/UN number).
Federal Register, 49 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 171-174, 176, 177. 22 May 1980, Vol.45, No.101, p.34560-34705.