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CIS 82-550 Occupational safety and health programs for Federal employees
This Presidential Order (effective 1 Oct. 1980) applies to all employees of the US Federal Government, except military personnel. Heads of departments, agencies and all Federal administrative services and facilities are to consult and cooperate with the Secretary of Labor in adopting OSH programmes for their personnel; they may also set up OSH committees. Powers and duties of these committees. Role of the Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health. [French and Spanish translations of this Order are published in BIT Série législative - OIT Serie Legislativa, 1/81, 1980-EUA - 1/1980-EE.UU.1.].
Federal Register, Executive Order 12196. 26 Feb. 1980, Vol.45, No.40, 27 Feb. 1980, p.12769-12772.


CIS 76-254
Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Washington.
Safety and health provisions for federal employees.
These provisions, dated 28 Sep. 1974, became effective on 1 Nov. 1974. They cover, inter alia, the following aspects of federal employee safety and health: record keeping and reporting requirements for occupational injuries, diseases and accidents; organisation of occupational safety and health activities in Government Departments (designated safety and health official, safety and health committees, posting of notices, etc.); procedures for inspection and abatement of hazards or unsafe or unhealthy working conditions; standards applying to Government Departments and agencies; federal safety and health councils in local area federal agencies and in the field.
Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Chapter 17, Part 1960: Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Washington, D.C., USA, 9 Oct. 1974, Vol.39, No.197, p.36454-36463.