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CIS 89-1759 Convention 120 and Recommendation 120 concerning hygiene in commerce and offices [ILO]
Convention 120 et Recommandation 120 concernant l'hygične dans le commerce et les bureaux [OIT] [in French]
Convenio 120 y Recomendación 120 relativo a la higiene en el comercio y en las oficinas [OIT] [in Spanish]
The Convention establishes the basic safety, health and welfare conditions applicable to workers in commercial enterprises and in offices. The Recommendation provides details on recommended working conditions in the following areas: maintenance and cleanliness; ventilation; lighting; temperature; working space; drinking water; washstands and showers; sanitary conveniences; seats; clothing accommodation and changing rooms; underground and similar premises; obnoxious, unhealthy, or toxic substances, processes and techniques; noise and vibration; methods and pace of work; first aid; mess rooms; rest rooms; planning and construction; measures against the spread of diseases; instruction in hygiene measures; cooperation in the field of hygiene.
ILO Publications, International Labour Office, 1211 Genčve 22, Switzerland, 1964. 4p. + 11p. (Convention 120) [in English] (Convention 120) [in French] (Convenio 120) [in Spanish] (Recommendation 120) [in English] (Recommandation 120) [in French] (Recomendación 120) [in Spanish]

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