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CIS 79-2058 Swimming pools - statutory provisions
Zweminrichtingen - Wettelijke bepalingen [in Dutch]
The management and upkeep of public swimming pools involves the use of chemicals for water treatment and disinfection. These directives constitute a compendium of Dutch legislation concerning: grant of licence to operate swimming pools and their water circulation systems; staff safety and health; harmful products used in circulation systems; public safety and health; hours of work; employment of young persons.
Inspectorate of Labour, General Inspectorate of Labour (Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid), Postbus 69, Voorburg, Netherlands, 1979. 15p. Price: Glds.0.50.

CIS 79-1295 Petrović D., Milićević S., Giser A., Haralampiev K.
Hearing loss in members of a wind instrument orchestra
Oštećenja sluha članova duvačkog orkestra [in Serbocroatian]
Results of measurements of sound pressure levels with the wood and brass instruments separately, and then the whole orchestra together, during rehearsals out of doors and indoors. The maximum levels were 110-112dB(A). Audiological examinations and audiometric tests in 74 musicians showed hearing loss in 41 of them (55.4%). The frequency and severity of the hearing loss was directly related to the number of years each musician had played in orchestras of this type.
Ergonomija, 1979, Vol.6, No.2, p.29-37. Illus. 6 ref.


CIS 79-315 Directives concerning construction, inspection, etc. of the rigging loft of theatres, assembly halls and similar places
Anvisningar om utförande, besiktning m m av lingĺngar vid teatrar, samlingslokaler och liknande lokaler [in Swedish]
These directives (effective 1 Oct. 1980) do not apply to lighting installations or machinery to raise or lower the scenery. Contents: definitions; general rules (built-in safety at the design stage, maximum loads, etc.); hand winches (drum, automatic brake and rachet, crank, gear mechanism, marking); wire ropes (strength, pulleys, construction of rope clips, securing the loft); ropes; holding brake, cleat; loft; anchorage of ropes, pulleys, cleats and brakes; counterweight; access walkways to counterweight, operating walkways; means of access for inspection; maximum load plates; safety in use; periodic inspections; replacement of wire ropes; compliance tests and inspections. Annex: calculation of safe working load of a tubular steel loft.
Anvisningar nr 132, National Board of Occupational Safety and Health, (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen), Fack, 100 26 Stockholm, Sweden, May 1978. 25p. Illus.

CIS 79-393 Irion H.
Music as an occupational noise load
Musik als berufliche Lärmbelastung? [in German]
This literature survey considers whether occupational exposure to music can produce hearing loss in musicians, singers, sound technicians, disc jockeys, and discothčque and dance hall personnel. Aspects dealt with include sound intensity of musical performances, frequency distribution and band widths, variations with time, duration of exposure, determination of rating level, threshold shifts in practice and under laboratory conditions. The potential hearing damage risk associated with rock'n roll and pop music, in sound studio engineers and individual cases of symphony orchestra musicians is stressed. Individual factors for noise sensitivity are referred to. Possibilities for technical and organisational preventive measures are presented, with special emphasis on education.
Forschungsbericht Nr.174, Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Unfallforschung, Postfach 170202, 4600 Dortmund 17, Germany (Fed.Rep.), 1978. 79p. Illus. 108 ref. Price: DM.14.25.


CIS 78-1464 First international medical advisers' conference from main European radio and television organizations.
Premičre conférence européenne de médecins des instituts de radio et télévision. [in French]
Text of communications presented at this conference, held under the auspices of the medical service of the Belgian Radio and Television Service (RTB), reproduced in the original language (English or French): medical examinations (Bechtolt R.); occupational safety and health at RTB (Moers J.P.); organisation of occupational medical service and first-aid posts at RTB (van Butsel G.); ergonomics (Bastenier H.); ischaemic heart disorders in RTB personnel (Hannut); visual fatigue (Hermans G.); hearing loss in sound technicians in TV studios (Joković R.); occupational medicine in the Belgrade Radio-Television studios (Stevanović M.); physiopathological effects of high frequency radiation (Pepersack J.P.); recording of sickness absence in the BBC (Hooper D.J.); organisation of work in the occupational medicine centre of the Belgrade Radio-Television studios (Stevanović M.); organisation of the BBC medical unit services, photosensitivity, psychiatric and alcoholic diseases (Fletcher E.).
Cahiers de médecine du travail - Cahiers voor arbeidsgeneeskunde, Dec. 1977, Vol.14, No.4, p.289-352. Illus. 10 ref.


CIS 77-1290 Verezub E.Ja.
High luminous intensity and protection of visual function in television studio personnel
Povyšennaja jarkost' i zaščita zritel'nogo analizatora rabotnikov telestudij [in Russian]
The luminosity of projectors in colour television studios far exceeds the visual comfort threshold, and is the cause of considerable visual fatigue in exposed personnel. The article reproduces the results of tests with various filters and visual function examinations before and after work with and without filter glass spectacles. Their use is recommended in personnel whose sight is likely to suffer from excessive luminosity.
Svetotehnika, May 1976, No.5, p.9-11. Illus. 8 ref.

CIS 77-863 Desoille H., Meyer A., Bugard P., Bolgert M., Proteau J., Philbert M., Cavigneaux A., Assouly M., Gaumy M., Raix A., Loriot J., Leclercq A., Sterkers J.M., Renou G.
Occupational diseases in the entertainment industry
Pathologie des professions du spectacle. [in French]
Texts of several communications to the Occupational Medicine and Hygiene Society (Société de médecine et d'hygične du travail), France, on: lung "paraffinoma" in opera singers; actors' psychopathology; actors' and entertainers' skin disorders; hearing disorders in theatre and entertainment artists; aspects of occupational diseases in theatres (actors, musicians, stage crew, house personnel): mental stress, energy expenditure, laryngitis, pharyngitis, muscular dystrophy, etc.; employment of children (French legislation and enforcement): ear, nose and throat disease in the entertainment profession.
Archives des maladies professionnelles, Sep. 1976, Vol.37, No.9, p.629-659. 31 ref.


CIS 76-1529
ČSN 34-1090, Bureau of Standards (Úřad pro normalizaci), Praha.
Rules concerning provisional electrical installations
Předpisy pro prozatímní elektrická zařízení [in Czech]
This standard, approved on 13 June 1973 with entry into force on 1 Apr. 1976, lays down the essential principles to be observed in the design, assembly and use of provisional electrical power supply, with emphasis on workers' safety and materials used. General considerations are followed by detailed provisions concerning electrical installations of this type in open-air work sites, factories (only where strictly necessary), exhibitions, fairgrounds, shows, and in outdoor filming and on film sets for cinema or television. Numerous tables and diagrams.
Vydavatelství ÚNM, Hostivař, Praha 10, Czechoslovakia, 1975. 36p. Price: Kcs.9.50.

CIS 76-1456
DIN 15920, Teil 11, German Standards Institute (Deutsches Institut für Normung), Berlin (Westsektoren), Sep. 1975.
Stage and film studio sets
Bühnen- und Studioaufbauten [in German]
This standard lays down specifications based on the 1968 Act respecting technical equipment in industry. It applies to the construction of movable platforms, inclined surfaces, steps, stairways, balustrades and railings: evaluation of loads for calculation and construction, protection against falls, materials used, construction and finishing, marking.
Beuth Verlag GmbH, Burggrafenstrasse 4-7, 1 Berlin 30 (Westsektoren). 2p. Price: DM.8.70.

CIS 76-1140 Glücksmann J., Havlíčková, Selinger V.
Heart rate and blood pressure of members of the Czech radio symphonic orchestra during recording of a concert in Prague
Tepová frekvence a krevní tlak při nahrávce koncertu u členů symfonického orchestru Československého rozhlasu v Praze [in Czech]
Study in 45 musicians (conductor, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, harp). Recording lasted 114min, of which about 90min involved actual playing. The average heart rate during playing time was 83 beats/min (max. 98, min. 73). No significant differences were found between the various instrument groups. A particularly high heart rate, an average of 110 beats/min, was found only in the conductor. After the recording the average blood pressure was 166/96torr (conductor: 180/110torr). Total energy output calculated from the heart rate was 2.21kcal/min during the recording, and 2,310kcal/24h for the whole day on which the measurements were carried out.
Časopis lékařů českých, 27 June 1975, Vol.114, No.26, p.787-791. Illus. 14 ref.


CIS 76-548
Federation of Industrial Mutual Accident Insurance Associations (Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften), Bonn, 1 Dec. 1974.
Mobile constructions, stands and attractions at fairs, and circuses
Fliegende Bauten, Schausteller- und Zirkusbetriebe [in German]
These safety regulations concern the safety measures and supervision when erecting and taking down mobile constructions of circuses and fairs, the testing of moving equipment, maintenance and repair. Special regulations are established for roundabouts, fire and explosion protection, acrobatic performances and driving displays, and for precautions concerning animals. Instructions for implementation of the regulations and notes are contained in a supplement.
Carl Heymanns Verlag KG, Gereonstrasse 18-32, 5 Köln 1, Germany (Fed.Rep.). 13 + 7p. Price: DM.1.15.

CIS 76-547
Federation of Industrial Mutual Accident Insurance Associations (Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften), Bonn, 1 Dec. 1974.
Stages and studios
Bühnen und Studios [in German]
These safety regulations apply to the technical aspects of theatre stages, and cinema, broadcasting and television studios. They cover construction and equipment (work and performance areas, scenery, protection against falling objects and movements of the machinery above and below the stage, individual protection), testing and use of equipment and accessories. Instructions for implementation of the regulations and notes are contained in a supplement.
Carl Heymanns Verlag KG, Gereonstrasse 18-32, 5 Köln 1, Germany (Fed.Rep.). 11 + 16p. Price: DM.1.50.

CIS 75-323
Ministry of the Interior, General Directorate of Firefighting Services (Ministero dell'Interno, Direzione generale dei Servizi antincendi), Roma.
Fire protection rules: Celluloid (cinematographic films on celluloid strip; celluloid)
Norme prevenzione incendi: Celluloide (Pellicole cinematografiche con supporto di celluloide; celluloide) [in Italian]
Scope (undertakings covered and staff skills required). Provisions concerning ways and means of informing workers of the hazards to which they are exposed, and fire fighting training; layout in undertakings; location of depots, workplaces and premises for ancillary operations; construction of buildings (rooms, stairways, passenger and goods lifts); various machines and apparatus; heating installations; electric installations, power sources; lightning conductors; fire fighting equipment; transport of films inside and outside the undertaking. Directives for the training of personnel of establishments in the cinema industry and a list of hazardous industrial and commercial activities are appended.
Antincendio e protezione civile, May 1974, Vol.26, No.5, 25p.(inset supplement).

CIS 74-1045 Sodium hypochlorite solutions and hydrochloric acid in swimming pools
Chloorbleekloog en zoutzuur in zweminrichtingen [in Dutch]
Chemical and physical properties of sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid; typical containers; disinfecting action in swimming-pool water; safe storage of sodium hypochlorite solutions and hydrochloric acid; warning notices; metering equipment; addition to swimming-pool water; emergency measures in the event of chlorine leakage; harmful effects, symptoms of poisoning and first aid; relevant Netherlands regulations.
P no 134, Labour Inspectorate, Directorate General of Labour (Arbeidsinspectie, Directoraat-Generaal van de Arbeid), Postbus 69, Voorburg, Netherlands, 1974. 15p. Illus. Price: Glds.0.50.


CIS 91-358 Presidential Decrees (D.P.R.) Nos 322/323 of 20 Mar. 1956 containing standards for the prevention of occupational accidents and for occupational hygiene in the film and TV industry and in telephone installations [Italy]
D.P.R. 20 marzo 1956, n.322/323, contenente norme per la prevenzione degli infortuni e l'igiene del lavoro nell'industria della cinematografia e della televisione [e] ... negli impianti telefonici [in Italian]
Contents of Decree No.322, dealing with OSH in the film and TV industries: safe setting up of sets (permanent or temporary); locales and technical equipment; electrical apparatus; filming; hygienic requirements; penalties. Decree No.323 deals with the occupational safety requirements of telephone installations.
In: L.R. Levi Sandri: Codice del lavoro, Milano: Giuffrč, Italy, 3rd ed., 1974, p.932-941. Also in: Gazzetta ufficiale, 5 May 1956, No.109.

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