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Construction industry and civil engineering - 3 entries found

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CIS 97-365 Order of 3 April 1996 concerning the minimum safety and health requirements at temporary or mobile construction sites [Portugal]
[p]rescrições mínimas de segurança e de saúde nos locais e postos de trabalho dos estaleiros temporários ou móveis [in Portuguese]
Implementation in Portugal of Directive 92/57/EEC (CIS 93-1062) on the same subject. It covers: stability and solidity of materials and equipment; energy distribution installations; emergency exits; fire detection and protection; ventilation; exposure to physical and chemical contaminants; falls of objects and persons; use of tools and equipment; temperature, lighting; walking surfaces; windows; doors; passageways; danger zones; first-aid installations; welfare facilities.
Diário da República, 3 Apr. 1996, Series I-B, No.80, p.703-706.


CIS 96-1184
Ministério do Emprego e da Segurança Social
Decree-Law transposing into domestic legislation Council Directive 92/57/EEC (24 June 1992) on minimum safety and health requirements at temporary and mobile construction sites [Portugal]
Decreto-Lei n.° 155/95: Transpõe para a ordem jurídica interna a Directiva n.°92/57/CEE, do Conselho, de 24 Junho, relativa às prescrições mínimas de segurança e saúde no trabalho a aplicar nos estaleiros temporários ou móveis [in Portuguese]
This Decree-Law was issued in accordance with framework law 441/91 (see CIS 92-708) on occupational safety and health. It introduces into Portuguese legislation the provisions of Directive 92/57/EEC (see CIS 93-1062). Its scope extends to all temporary/mobile construction sites, with the exception of those in the extractive industries. Contents: definitions; work plans; safety and health coordination; safety and health plans; preliminary notification of work to the labour inspectorate; obligations of employers, safety and health coordinators and independent workers; information of workers; major hazards; what to do in case of serious or lethal accidents. In annex: list of construction-related work covered by the Decree; list of particularly dangerous types of work; contents of form on which preliminary notification of work is to be submitted.
Diário da República, 1 July 1995, Series I-A, No.150, p.4222-4227.


CIS 85-213
(Ministério do Trabalho)
Safety regulations in civil engineering
Regulamento de segurança no trabalho da construção civil [in Portuguese]
Full text of Portuguese Laws 41820 and 41821 (both effective 11 Aug. 1958) relating to safety in civil engineering.
Serviço de Informação Científica e Técnica, Praça de Londres, 2-1.°, 1091 Lisboa Codex, Portugal, 1981. 63p. Illus.