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CIS 98-364 Health and Safety - The Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1998 [United Kingdom]
These Regulations (effective 1 April 1998) revoke the 1989 Regulations of the same name (CIS 90-1055) and amend Regulations on construction design and management (CIS 95-13), on chemicals (CIS 95-1064), railway safety, and health, safety and welfare in construction (CIS 97-364). Topics: construction industry; construction sites; dangerous substances; enforcement; harmful substances; law; legislation; public OSH institutions; role of government; United Kingdom.
HMSO Publications Centre, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1998. 10p. Price: GBP 2.40.


CIS 97-364 Health and Safety - The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 [United Kingdom]
These Regulations (entry into force 2 Sep. 1996) replace the Construction (General Provisions) Regulations 1961, the Construction (Health and Welfare) Regulations 1966, and the Construction (Working Places) Regulations 1966. They give effect to certain provisions of Directive 92/57/EEC (see CIS 93-1062). Contents: persons with duties under these Regulations; safe places of work; prevention of falls and falling objects; stability of structures; safety during demolition or dismantling, use of explosives, and excavations; prevention of drowning; safety of traffic routes, doors, gates and vehicles; emergency routes and procedures; fire detection and fire fighting; welfare facilities; fresh air; temperature and weather protection; lighting; good order; plant and equipment; training; inspection. Schedules cover requirements for equipment and welfare facilities.
HMSO Books, P.O. Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1996. 22p. Price: GBP 4.15. [in English]


CIS 95-13 Health and Safety - The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 [United Kingdom]
These Regulations impose requirements and prohibitions with respect to design and management aspects of construction work. Insofar as temporary and mobile construction sites are concerned, they implement in Great Britain (with some exceptions) the provisions of Directive 92/57/EEC (CIS 93-1062). The Regulations define the safety roles of clients, developers, planning supervisors and contractors. They require the preparation of a health and safety plan before the construction phase of a project can be started. No person may work on a construction site if he has not been provided with specific kinds of safety information.
HSE Books, P.O.Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 6FS, United Kingdom, 1994. 15p. Price: GBP 3.20.


CIS 90-1435 The Construction (Head Protection) Regulations 1989 [United Kingdom]
These Regulations impose requirements for the provision of suitable head protection for and the wearing of suitable head protection by workers on building operations or works of engineering construction.
HMSO Books, PO Box 276, London SW8 5DT, United Kingdom, 1989. 4p. Price: GBP 0.90.