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CIS 73-1389 Kowaczeck J., Rutkowski E.
Occupational safety and health and fire prevention in the gas industry
Gesundheitsschutz, Arbeitsschutz, Brandschutz in der Gastechnik [in German]
Manual for gas industry workers. Contents: principles of occupational safety and health, fire prevention in gas plant; special safety engineering problems connected with the handling and use of flammable gases; safety engineering and fire prevention in gas production, transport and distribution; interpretation of accident statistics and formulation of safety techniques; suggested question-drill for inspections.
Deutscher Verlag für Grundstoffindustrie, Karl-Heine-Strasse 27, DDR-x7031 Leipzig, 1972. 298p. Illus. 66 ref.

CIS 73-393
Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften
Guidelines for the use of liquefied gas
Richtlinien für die Verwendung von Flüssiggas [in German]
Provisions concerning scope, definitions and general requirements relating to the responsibility of the employer and the marking of containers are followed by specific provisions concerning the construction and equipment of liquefied-gas plants (shut-off, safety and control equipment, burners, vapourisers, installation of cylinders and consumer plant). Data are given on the operation and testing of plant and the use of liquefied-gas equipment in vehicles, smoking chambers and on building sites. An appendix contains requirements for the use of consumer equipment in underground premises and operating instruction for liquefied-gas-fired industrial furnaces. Reference is made to the relevant accident prevention regulations, standards and data sheets.
Carl Heymanns Verlag KG, Gereonstrasse 18-32, 5 Köln 1, Republic of Germany, June 1972. 22p.

CIS 73-668
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
The Gas Safety Regulations 1972
These regulations are applicable to domestic and industrial premises and lay down requirements regarding: the safe installation of service pipes, meters, installation pipes and gas appliances; use of gas (consumer responsibility with regard to appliances in an unsafe condition); and work done on all gas fittings after first installation. Penalties for contravention of the Regulations are indicated.
HM Stationery Office, P.O. Box 569, London SE1, United Kingdom, 1972. 13p.

CIS 73-1004 Bugard P., Manquene J., Rosay J.
Fatigue in a nuclear research centre
La fatigue dans un centre d'études nucléaires [in French]
In the "hot" laboratories of nuclear research laboratories, the staff is subject to non-radioactive stress resulting from the work environment (heat, artificial lighting and ventilation, negative atmospheric pressure, noise, vibration) or from the conditions and the type of work (work with glove boxes or in pressurised suits, use of manipulators). The subjective and non-specific symptoms of fatigue due to worl in "hot" laboratories are, in decreasing order of importance: asthenia; sleepiness; headache; vertigo; nervousness; memory, vigilance and sleep disorders. At the French Atomic Energic Authority, these symptoms were approached in 3 ways: by a comparative study of exposed and unexposed workers; subjective analysis of fatigue in informal interviews with a sample of the personnel; the objective measurement of environmental factors and stress at the workpost. It was found that humidity was too low, noise levels were too high (negative-pressure ventilation, pumps, etc.), and that work in glove boxes raised ergonomic problems.
Le concours médical, 7 Oct. 1972, Vol.94, No.40, p.6464-6472. 4 ref.


CIS 94-436 Atomic Energy Act, 1967 (No.90 of 1967) [South Africa]
This Act (assented to on 19 June 1967) concerns the control of prospecting and mining for and the processing, enrichment, reprocessing, possession and disposal of radioactive materials and substances. It also covers the production of nuclear energy and radioactive nuclides. Contents: definitions; permits and licences; constitution, powers and functions of the Atomic Energy Board; issuing of regulations.
Official Gazette Extraordinary (South Africa), 8 Sep. 1967, No.2820, p.58-88.

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